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Kim Jong Un surprises the world with trousers and a hairdo. Why does he look like that?

Kim Jong Un surprises the world with trousers and a hairdo. Why does he look like that?

27 May 2018
Tags: North Korea, South Korea, Politics

The closer the signing of a peace treaty between the two Koreas, the more often the leader of the most closed country of the world, Kim Jong Un, appears in public. Who knows: why does he have such shoes? Does Kim want to seem taller than it really is? There are also a number of questions to his manner of dressing, cutting and moving. But behind all the peculiarities of the eccentric image lies a serious underlying reason.

Both Korea and the US can hold a tripartite summit at which they will announce the formal end of the Korean War, which ended de facto 65 years ago. On the possibility of even putting on a paper in one of the longest conflicts of our time on Sunday, said South Korean President Mun Zhe Ying.

The day before, the South Korean president and the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, met at the border point of Panmunjom on unannounced negotiations. The leaders of the divided peninsula meet in this format for the second time. On Saturday, Moon and Kim agreed that 1 June will be held inter-Korean talks at a high level. Simultaneously, Kim Jong-un expressed a "firm intention" to meet with Donald Trump. Yes, and in the White House make it clear: the historic meeting of the US president with the leader of the DPRK (whom Trump preferred to call a "man-rocket") can still take place. The Korean theme is again at the center of the world's attention.

And the interest is not only the contents of hitherto unimaginable meetings, but also the paramilitary form in which the supreme leader of the DPRK, the "brilliant comrade" Kim Jong-un, prefers to appear. French, wide trousers, winter double-breasted coat - as if the Korean War only ended and in the yard 1953 year.

And in general, the unusual appearance of the ruling leader of the most closed country in the world causes a continuing curiosity. So, for example, after the April summit of the two Koreas, Seoul journalists issued a "sensation": the Pyongyang leader, it turns out, uses special insoles to imitate high growth.

What's wrong with Kim Jong-un's shoes?

The reason for doubt was that on Kim were shoes of unusual shape. There could be invested special insole, thanks to which Kim seemed almost equal to his colleague. Growth of Moon, and it's not a secret, 168 see. Thus, the growth of the leader should be 162,5 cm, South Korean publications assert.

At the same time, most open sources feature quite different data - 175 cm, which is 15 cm more than the father, "great leader" Kim Jong Il.

The scientist-koreev Konstantin Asmolov considers all such publications to be wry ones. "You can pay attention to other photos of Kim Jong Un, where he is in more or less the same shoes. By the way, with regard to my father, Kim Jong Il, this topic was also exaggerated, "the expert told VZGLYAD. "His father, Kim Jong Il, wore shoes associated with a diabetic foot. He suffered from severe diabetes. The predisposition to diabetes also affects excessive weight. "

Why does Kim wear loose pants?

If the growth of Comrade Kim is a subject for disputes in South Korea, then the southerners are not surprised why the leader of the northerners wears a suit of a strange at the present time: a jacket and wide trousers. Yes, pants a la 1950-e years hide the fullness, but it's not just that.

If the father, Kim Jong Il, preferred protective suits with a zipper jacket, then his son's wardrobe looks like a greeting from the times of Stalin, Mao and, most importantly, Kim Il Sung's grandfather. Suffice it to compare the appearance of Kim the Third and photographs of the comparatively old Kim the First (in his old age, he still preferred a classic suit with a tie).

This is a kind of visual "return to the roots." An additional factor of the legality of one's own power is tradition.

"On the one hand, Kim Jong-un is a reformer, effectively transferring the DPRK's economy to market lines. He is trying to make friends with the West. On the other hand, he is a conservative reformer, like Deng Xiaoping, for example, "a South Korean expert of Russian descent, Vladimir Tikhonov (Pak No Dzhaw) told the newspaper. Dan also preferred to wear "Maoist" tunic and cap, but at the same time, China was steadily moving away from the principles of the great helmsman.

By the way, Kim the Third has all the external data to "cosplay" Kim the First. The resemblance is amazing - just look at the photo of the meeting between Kim and Brezhnev.

Why does the leader of the DPRK have such a haircut?

You can also pay attention to the hair style of the founder of the DPRK in the above photograph. This, in fact, the answer to the question of why the current leader of North Korea from the very beginning of his "accession to the throne" was distinguished by a peculiar haircut. It's not strange, it's just like grandfather's.

True, in February 2015 the North Korean leader appeared at the Politburo with a new hairstyle. Then Kim combed his hair up, changing the style of his grandfather, who wore a classic half box, then noticed the BBC. In this "scratch" you can also see a variant of the hairdress of his father, Kim II. But, as vain tongues swore, "zachez" in combination with a dark jacket reminds of classical portraits of Mao Zedong, the first Asian leader who acquired nuclear weapons and forced both superpowers to reckon with themselves.

Why do not Kimi fly on airplanes?

Another manifestation of fidelity to the grandfather's and father's legacy is that Kim Jong Eun prefers to all other means of transportation a personal armored train. It is reported that in March Kim arrived in China in this way. According to media reports, this armored train, inherited from his father - it is this composition, green with a yellow stripe, once brought Kim II to Moscow.

The fact that Kim Jong Il did not fly in principle by air was explained by aerophobia. In the case of Kim Jong-un this is hardly true. The current leader, as far as we know, studied in Switzerland. And nothing is known about the arrival of the armored train to the Zurich train station. And now, if necessary, the current leader of the DPRK enjoys an airplane. For example, in the case of the May visit to Beijing. Sometimes for the sake of speed one has to sacrifice the adherence to the family tradition. But still tradition is tradition. If you believe the former plenipotentiary Pulikovsky, the carriage was once presented to Kim Il Sung by Stalin.

As for Kim Jong-un, his own manner of moving on cars recently set the task for the world press.

Why did XMUMX security guards flee behind Kim's "Merc"?

During the meeting at the top of 27 April, journalists drew attention to a dozen security guards, quickly and smoothly running around the limousine leader. On the one hand, of course, "when the limousine is going slowly, security is running around it, it's a protocol," remarked Konstantin Asmolov. The guards ran after the limousines of Putin, Trump and other leaders.

But, firstly, such a jaunty jog is still a rarity - the observers managed to bring only one analogy: with the former dictator of the Gambia Yaya Jamme, behind the limousine who ran the guard with a suitcase - really, only one. Still, the picture did not bother - why 12?

There is an opinion that the solution lies in the very figure 12. It has a special significance for Kim. In 1912, Kim the First was born, exactly one hundred years later, in 2012, Kim II was posthumously declared an eternal general secretary. Then Kim the Third became the official head of the party and the State Committee of Defense. Kim the First had 12 official titles - from the "Illustrious General descended from heaven" to "The Sun of Life".

Alexey Nechaev Andrey Rezchikov, Mikhail Moshkin
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