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Chinese mafia corrupts European football

Chinese mafia corrupts European football

July 24 2018 LJ cover – Китайская мафия развращает европейский футбол
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The defeat of the Spanish national team from the Russians at the mundiale gave rise to hysterical cries that the match was "bought". This, of course, nonsense, but the "dogovoryonyaki" in football is still found, although changed beyond recognition and changed the beneficiary. In Spain, this is well known - it was her police who unveiled the sensational results of the investigation on this topic.

Contractual matches in football - the phenomenon is not so rare. However, in most cases, reports of "fights smelling like a set-up" are accompanied by numerous reservations - "presumably", "maybe", "most likely", "similar." By and large, the big "booty" in the history of the fight against the "dogma" has happened only once - in 2006, when several leaders of Italian football - "Juventus", "Milan", "Fiorentina", "Lazio" and the non-star "Regina" - were caught on the reconciliation of the results of matches and the bribery of arbitrators.

Each of these teams had a prospect to go to the lower league, but, figuratively speaking, the "conclusion" in the B series for the majority was replaced by "corrective work" in the elite league with a preliminary deduction from the future tournament result from 8 to 15 points. Only "Juventus" was vyporot tough and indicative - exiled to the lower league, deprived of the championship title and participation in the Champions League.

Since then, "dogma", which are being disclosed from time to time not only in Italy, have not disappeared, but mimicked - have been adjusted to new conditions.

From Ukraine to Spain

In the higher echelons of European football, it's not a matter of negotiating right now - many are afraid of criminal punishment and beating fines on their pockets. Yes, in some countries at the finish of the season, some movements, officially referred to as "encouraging match participants from third clubs," arise. But so far this kind of encouragement of the setup is not considered, since "outside money" is paid to the team not for draining the game, but on the contrary, in the hope of rendering it worthy of resistance to a strong opponent and achieving a draw or even a victory in the match against it.

На Украине «Шахтер» и киевское «Динамо» практикуют подобную стимуляцию в открытую. Информацию об этом можно найти во многих СМИ. В частности, сайт пишет следующее:

"In the 2015 / 16 season, the financial injection of Dynamo helped in the 23 round of the Ukrainian Premier League to give all the forces to the players of Chernomorets in a match with Shakhtar and to get a draw that helped" white-blue "after their victory over" Vorskla "ahead of time to win the championship title. Then the president of Kiev Dynamo Igor Surkis put everything in order, clearly outlining mutual competition:

«У нас с Ринатом Ахметовым (владелец «Шахтера» – прим. ВЗГЛЯД) there are additional tools how to stop the enemy team. "Shakhtar" has repeatedly applied this to us, stimulating our rivals. I do not hide the fact that we are also doing this. I say how it is. There is nothing bad in this - I do everything to make the rival of Shakhtar play at the maximum of opportunities. Did I stimulate Chernomorets? Yes. I do not hide this. I encourage all the teams that play against Shakhtar starting from the first round. Let's not pretend that no one knows! "

Such talk sometimes sounds around the Spanish championship matches, but everything is discussed from the "theoretical point of view": no one is publishing invoices about the payment of incentives "stimulated". As law-enforcers say: "There is no body - no business."

Nevertheless, if the term amano (literally: "falsify something for profit") is thrown into the Google search engine, the bulk of the links received will lead us to Spain. The operations of the Pizarro (demonstration board) and the Cortes (clipping) carried out by the Spanish police in February and June of this year revealed the complex "contractual" mechanism used in recent years.

The initiative for their organization has moved from clubs to large players on betting. At the same time, the bases left the elite leagues for a far periphery - in the second, more often third and fourth divisions of national championships. And attempts to influence the outcome of the matches are almost not aimed at "giving the game for money" to a team on the verge of relegation, and thereby saving it from dropping in the classroom. Big money is spent on getting even bigger money - that's the whole philosophy.

Mafia is immortal

Playing betting betting shops is one of the forms of bleaching black cash.

The profit in case of successful guessing of the result is legal earnings. And that the fortune turned in the right direction, it can be slightly adjusted. Methods for this are not so few as it may seem.

Испанские полицейские, задержавшие в ходе «Писарро» и «Кортес» 50 подозреваемых, утверждают, что «все букмекерские конторы мира контролируются мафией», причем по преимуществу китайской (при том, что прародителями обоих явлений в Европе – и мафии, и «договорняков» – считаются итальянцы).

Second-rate and third-league leagues are much more convenient for "contract work" - events in them attract much less attention. If you look at matches that betting Bet365, BWIN, William Hill and other bookmakers offer, most of them will be fights of teams whose names will not tell even the specialists. Meanwhile, the stadium in the stadium of some supernumerary Torregliano with a population smaller than that of the Siberian regional center, can bring the participants of the totalizator the same thousands and tens of thousands, as well as the match "Barcelona" - "Real".

At the same time buying 90-minute passivity in the game Sergio Ramos or Mark Ter-Stegen will cost a lot of money. And to persuade some Jose Maria - the goalkeeper from the team "Maria Jose" - to be late in the throw for the ball the required number of times, it is enough 2-3 thousand euros. For reliability, you can still buy the loyalty of a pair of central defenders of the favorite team - and boldly bet. Winning will not only pay for all costs, but will also be repaid by a significant profit.

It is clear that they put the "contractors" at once in several offices, the blessing in the international sports orbit is a lot of them. The formula "with the world on a thread" is ideal if the operation requires invisibility - it's clearly not worth it to call the journalists and policemen's eyes to blame.

What a pain, such and profits

In the first batch arrested by the Spanish police was a former player of "Athletics" from Bilbao Joan Garcia, in whose house found about three million euros in cash - "personal savings" of unknown origin. In the course of communication with the siloviki, Garcia gradually told a lot of interesting things. In particular, the fact that the "tricks and supports" in Spain is managed by the Chinese "Triad".

The threads stretch from Hong Kong and Shanghai, and the couriers that provide for the transfer of confidential information are usually Spanish players. As a rule, from the number of those who are far from "stars" far away, they did not get decent salaries on their native land, but on the wave of interest of the Chinese to football was invited "to amaze with their skill". Such as Oscar Rodriguez and Oscar Sierra - it's just a find: they came from Tersera and Segunda, they know everyone, and they, by and large, no one. Roll up to the players, coaches and judges, potentially ready to whistle and play "right", for them was not a big deal, say the witnesses.

Find those who are ready to "podkalymyt" for extra money, really easy. Terrera, for example, the amateur league, the players there get at 300 euros per month, so they have to earn somewhere else, for example, to carry bricks on the construction site. And here - the tempter with 2-5 thousand in hand, the annual football salary for the day.

Judges are bought for less than one-time payments, but in one match they can earn more than a player. According to the shadow price list, the penalty is worth a thousand euros. It is realized in the end or not, it does not matter - it is not reflected on the bonus ones.

The Mafia plays "contract" under very different rules - how many goals will be scored at a meeting or in the first half, how many cornered or thrown in from behind the side - and so on. The more diverse categories in bets, the better. So the amounts are crushed without causing suspicion. But it happens that the desire to grab a too large piece at a time dulls the sense of caution, and then the light appears an account like 12: 0, reached by "Barcelona V" in a game against Eldensay in Segunda in April 2017.

It turned out that the Italian coach from the Spanish "Elda" specially put on the match a few recently accepted Italian players, who were simply present on the field. All, of course, caught, interrogated and released under a written undertaking not to leave the place. But those who made bets, get their winnings by that point have already managed and will hardly return back. To prove that they knew about the results of the match in advance is not possible.

In total, the materials of the Spanish investigation on two operations feature at least two dozen teams, and the number of matches under suspicion reaches fifty.

Little pranks of a big man

"Contractors" as a phenomenon cover a great many countries. The difference between them is how closely monitored by the competent authorities and whether they want to take the dirty from the football hut.

Of the latest cases, the most interesting scandals around the clubs playing in the elite division of France clubs "Nim" and "Kan" - for each of them there are about a dozen suspicious meetings. A cherry on this cake can be considered the recent recognition of the former head of UEFA Michel Platini, who used a tricky trick to provide the French with a meeting with Brazil not earlier than in the finals of France's triumphant mundial 1998.

«Мы долгих шесть лет готовились к проведению мирового чемпионата, неужели не заслужили права на маленькие шалости?» – поинтересовался Платини у репортера радиостанции France Bleu в ходе интервью 18 мая 2018 года.

What to do?

«Договорняки» живут не только в футболе. В Португалии, например, идет расследование на тему того, имел ли место подкуп арбитров со стороны гандбольного клуба «Спортинг». После 16-летнего перерыва этой команде удалось вернуть себе звание чемпионов страны, но, по мнению газеты Correio da Manha, «арбитры матчей с участием «Спортинга» иногда очень уж откровенно принимали решения в его пользу». Стоимость их услуг, по утверждению издания, составила 1500 евро за матч.

The just-concluded Wimbledon tournament gave food for gossip about the possible surrender of the game by the Spanish pair Verdasco-Marrero to the Argentine-Portuguese duet Mayer-Souza. And in Belgium, about a month ago, 13 people were arrested who were involved in "contractual agreements" in tennis tournaments in the categories "Challenger" and "Futures".

It is alleged that the process was led by immigrants from Armenia, and the "premium" for participating in "give-away" fluctuated in the interval from 5 to 15 thousand euros.

A radical solution to these problems would be a ban on bookmaking. But this idea is as simple as it is unrealizable. Introduced in the US in the first half of the twentieth century, the "dry law" led to the flowering of bootlegging and illegal enrichment of figures like Al Capone. The sweepstakes, too, will go into the shadows, but it will not disappear.

At the same time, "betting bureaus" are companies that are subject to high taxes and significantly supplement the treasury. Cutting the head of a chicken carrying golden eggs, in the environment of intelligent people is not accepted.

Use the formula "you can not break up - head", too, will not work. Any country that announced state-owned sweepstakes will violate the law on freedom of enterprise.

To call athletes for fair play, of course, it is possible, but with incentive proposals, as a rule, they turn to those who are well aware that they will not be able to enrich themselves due to fair play.

There remains a tightening of police control and conviction of society that "every crime will inevitably entail punishment." Some people believe this.

Vladimir Dobrynin
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