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On the chief conspiracy the US found the governor

On the chief conspiracy the US found the governor

August 10 2018 LJ cover – На главного конспиролога США нашли управу
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The flight to the moon is a myth. The September 11 attack is the government's handiwork. Mass murder in the school "Sandy Hook" - staging, but America is really waiting for a civil war. These are the views of journalist Alex Jones - a fan of Vladimir Putin and Alexander Dugin. Previously, he tried not to notice. But when his popularity began to go wild, took measures that buried freedom of speech in the United States.

The name of Alex Jones is not widely known in Russia, but in his homeland, in the United States, this personality is in many ways cultic. True, the radio host, the author of the personal show and the creator of the InfoWars website, provokes polar emotions among his compatriots. For some, he is an independent journalist who fearlessly investigates the crimes of a "deep state". But for others (more precisely, for the majority, which includes not only leftists and globalists, but many rightists), Jones is something like a city madman. An insane conspiracy that does not believe that the Americans were on the moon, but believes in the Jewish mafia and that the September 11 terrorist attack was organized by the government.

Jones began his career on the cable television channel of his native Texas, but soon switched to radio - it was, as it was, and remains the most independent type of media in America. He told his listeners exactly what they wanted to hear: the economic crisis was constructed artificially to disgrace and enslave ordinary Americans, all terrorist acts organized by the government to provoke mass hysteria and justify external wars, there was never any landing on the moon, because everything was filmed in the Stanley Kubrick pavilion.

And Democrats are planning a civil war, but before it starts going to take away firearms from all good Americans.

All this is served in the classic American style of a wandering preacher. Critics of Jones invariably compare his show with fair appearances of the King and the Duke - inveterate crooks from the "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn". But under the veil of this simple form, Jones successfully conquered the audience - she, though slowly but surely grew. The radio broadcaster expanded his team, launched popular Internet portals InfoWars, NewsWars and PrisonPlanet and early realized the possibilities of social networks, sharing their content on almost all major platforms. So he managed to get millions of fans around the world.

Leading media, forming the main media news of the United States, for a long time did not pay attention to it: Jones was in their eyes a clown, and any topic that he raised, automatically received the brand of "conspiracy theories". Right-wing media, too, did not contact Jones, not wanting to compromise himself, and the left-wing ones loved in their own way, believing that he successfully compromised conservative ideas. Becoming a libertarian in the United States meant signing up for the conspiracy "junk" of Jones.

This scheme worked almost 20 years. But over the past two years, Jones has become a real political force. Back in 2015, he invited Donald Trump to his broadcast, and since then he has become a welcome speaker at all the Tramp rallies. He was invited to television as an expert, he found new fans among the alto-right youth, and the popularity of his projects on the Internet grew as a leap. Along with the popularity came advertising - just one channel on YouTube brought Jones more than half a million dollars a month.

We must understand that Jones owes his success not so much to his own investigations as to the general crisis of journalism in the United States. During the election campaign of 2016, it became clear that the leading media no longer had the right even to claim objectivity. Antitrampovskaya hysteria led to the fact that Americans who for centuries believed in the integrity of their press, frankly disappointed in this myth, as evidenced by all, without exception, opinion polls. On almost completely burned media field, Alex Jones began to be perceived as a full-fledged player.

Despite his outrageous style, he really knows how to ask questions that interest everyone. Jones can not boast either the depth of his investigations or the serious sources, but he dares to talk about topics that the liberal media have made absolute taboo.

Jones 'readers are genuinely interested to know whether Hillary Clinton has anything to do with the mysterious murder of Seth Rich, a staff member of the Democrats' headquarters, who merged the compromising correspondence into WikiLeaks. His audience fervently argues about "pizza gates" - rumors that the top of the Democratic Party organizes orgies involving minors. It was Jones who first began to discuss the concept of a "deep state" - the structure that rules America from behind the scenes of a political show called "the struggle of democrats with Republicans".

And it is Jones who regularly expose the fabricated theme of "Russian interference" in the American elections.

Today, his listeners and readers are talking about the possibility of a coup in the US, which will begin with the removal of President Trump from power. Jones's resources are one of the few places on the Web where they can in principle discuss this topic.

A few months ago, the owners of liberal media realized that Jones had become a real threat to their information monopoly. Leading newspapers - from The New York Times to the Washington Post - unleashed a full-scale harassment scandalous conspiracy, although before they avoided any mention of him. Reporters CNN and congressman Democrat Ted Deutsch called on Facebook and YouTube to ban the posting of "fake news" from Jones (the parliamentarian formalized this in an official demand to close the page of the radio host on Facebook). Soon such requests began to fall asleep and other Internet platforms.

The management of IT-giants for some time tried to distance themselves from the problem. But on the night of 6 August almost all Jones content was removed from the leading social networks.

It is not only the scale of censorship that is striking, but also the coherence of the actions of IT corporations. First the conspiracy podcasts were removed by Spotify and Stitcher, then his programs disappeared from Apple, and literally a few hours after that, Jones's pages were cut from Facebook (he had four accounts in total, one with 1,7 million subscribers). The same fate befell the channel on YouTube with 2,4 million subscribers and billions of views. And at the end of the weekend, Jones was kicked out of Pinterest.

By Monday morning, Alex Jones and his team were left with little or no means of livelihood. All that he has at the moment are his sites, his team created an Android application and a Twitter account.

The liberal press was delighted. Journalists of The New York Times regret only that the administrators of social networks at the same time did not clean out "hundreds of other conspiracy scientists in a smaller scale" and did not close the accounts of all those who mock them and repost.

However, even representatives of the Democratic Party in Congress and many left-wing journalists reacted to the exile of Jones with alarm.

For the first time, the owners of social networks are subjected to a coordinated boycott of a well-known author who has not violated their rules. It is obvious that at any moment they can arrange a "big cleansing", in which both the right and left, and in general, anyone, will suffer. "Do not make me defend Alex Jones!" - so it sounds like a popular meme, launched by left-wing blogger Jack Marshall.

For Jones himself, this boycott means that he was completely right: the collusion of the largest corporations does exist, and the IT industry has closely merged with the banks and the media they own. Together they organized an attack on Jones and his resources, which in the mainstream propaganda of the US is identified with Trump. It turns out that the leading business empires really united against the president and are going to remove him from his post - about the same way as they "removed" his loyal colleague Jones from the information space. And no conspiracy is no longer required, because everything is done as openly as possible.

In his programs, Jones continues to appeal to the voice of ordinary Americans and appeal to the First Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech. But there are doubts that the Americans understand it. Two days ago in the country there was a poll: people were asked what the essence of the First Amendment was. Forty percent of respondents said they did not know what was at stake.

Victoria Nikiforov
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