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Is America going to civil war?

Is America going to civil war?

July 1 2018 LJ cover – Неужели Америка идёт к гражданской войне?
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Incidents with Sanders and Nielsen show that it has already begun.

The second member of the Trump administration was hunted in a restaurant less than a week after the first incident. This time it was Sarah Haqcabi Sanders.

The restaurant experience of Sarah Hakkabi Sanders and Kirsten Nielsen suggests that the civil war is already on. Everything will worsen even more if we do not learn how not to hate each other.

The other day, author Tom Ricks asked if we are going to civil war. "I do not believe that we are already in Kansas 1850. But, it seems we are moving ... in that direction, "he wrote.

Ricks responded to the article "What would the democrats' anger look like" in the column of opinions "Bloomberg", where the words of political scientist Thomas Schaller were quoted: "I think we are at the beginning of a mild civil war ... I do not know whether the whole country will come out of it."

This sounds very serious. In the article of Francis Wilkinson, a list is given of what democrats are going crazy - beginning with the life-being in the collegium of electors of Trump's "propaganda apparatus" - and predicting that if democrats lose intermediate elections, they will have to pay. (And Republicans, you know, can draw up a similar list of their own complaints).

"I do not know exactly how all this will look," Wilkinson writes. "But the liberals have a great cultural, academic and economic weight, from Hollywood to Harvard. Only this week, some Hollywood pillars of opinions flirted with the use of their influence against the trampistic Fox News. There are an infinite number of examples of such an influence game. If Democrats decide to use their influence more aggressively - breaking the rules - then the mild civil war of Schaller is unlikely to be impossible. "

Civil war is already beginning

Well, in fact, such a situation, apparently, already exists. Hollywood essentially turned its product and its awards into a demonstration of "resistance." Americans are already divided into communities, mostly "red" or "blue". For the most part, the "blue" Washington, Trump employees discover that a lot of people do not want to meet with them because of their policies.

White House press secretary Sarah Hakkabi Sanders was even kicked out of the restaurant "Red Hen" in Lexington, Virginia, as the owner and employees do not like her policies. It seems that this is a trifle, but a generation ago it would be simply unthinkable.

And in a somewhat less "soft" demonstration of the Minister of Homeland Security Kirsten Nielsen, an angry anti-Tramp crowd drove her out of the restaurant, and another crowd came to her house.

Will it be worse? Probably. For a civil war to happen, mild or otherwise, two sides are needed. But as the author who writes on Twitter under the pseudonym Thomas H. Crown points out, these days it's childlike to easily identify people in a crowd and then send crowds to their home or work. As a result, he notes, it turns out that "everyone is protesting, and if we do not understand that this can lead to political violence, then we are stupid."

In fact, some of us are either stupid or thirsty for violence. As Crown cautions, "We carefully established the civil world in order to avoid this kind of transformation into a non-reasoning crowd. This is a great achievement of civilization and it is extremely fragile. " Yes, it is indeed fragile, and many will miss it when it finally disappears.

The problem in political contempt

Marriage counselors say that when a couple looks at the other with disdain, this is the main indicator that the relationship is likely to fail. Americans who previously knew how to disagree with each other without mutual contempt seem to be overlooked. And the news media, spreading angry screams in the pursuit of ratings and page views, only worsen the problem.

What can improve the situation? It would be nice if people felt social ties that go beyond politics. Previously, the life of Americans included a lot of intermediary organizations - the church, brotherhood organizations, neighbors' organizations - that went beyond politics. But they reduced their influence and declined, and in fact for many, politics seems to have become a substitute for religion and brotherhood organizations. If you associate yourself with your politics, then you will not associate yourself with people who do not share your views.

The rules of bourgeois politeness also helped keep the situation under control, but, of course, these rules were split for many years. Perhaps we will miss them.

America has already experienced one catastrophic civil war, and those who fought in it did a surprisingly good job of unification after realizing how terrible it is to be politically divided when a brother stands up against his brother. Let's hope that we will not have to learn this lesson again in the same way.

Glenn Harlan Reynolds, USA Today
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