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From the results of the meeting between Trump and Kim, Russia wins

From the results of the meeting between Trump and Kim, Russia wins

13 2018 June
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The historical meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-no was accompanied by amusing episodes and led to the most important agreements, the main of which was the denuclearization of the DPRK in exchange for security guarantees from the United States. Regional players, including Russia, benefit from such rapprochement, whose profits can amount to tens of billions of dollars.

In Singapore, the first ever meeting between the leaders of the United States and North Korea was held. Attention to the negotiations of Donald Trump with Kim Jong-no was riveted around the world. The welcome handshake of the leaders lasted a long 12 seconds. They not only personally talked for more than half an hour, but also agreed on some very controversial issues, primarily on the issue of the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

"It's an honour for me. We will have excellent relations, I have no doubts, "Trump said, without specifying whether it is about relations at the personal level or at the state level.

At one point, Kim said that "many in the world will think of this (meeting) as a kind of fantasy ... from a science fiction film." His words were heard by journalists of Trump's presidential pool.

After the talks were held face to face in the presence of interpreters, a bilateral meeting began as part of the delegations. It lasted an hour and a half. The final agreements are contained in the signed "very important document," as the American leader described it.

According to him, Pyongyang undertakes to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, and Trump "undertakes to provide the DPRK with security guarantees." Both leaders are ready "to work on the full denuclearization of the Korean peninsula." The parties agreed to establish bilateral relations in a new format and make efforts to create a lasting and stable peace on the Korean peninsula. In addition, it was decided to begin the search for the remains of American servicemen killed or missing during the Korean War 1950-1953.

The scientist-koreev Konstantin Asmolov ascertains that the main essence of the agreements is still behind the scenes, because no one took upon himself any specific obligations. According to his prediction, agreeing further actions will require effort and additional time, which as a whole should favorably affect "regional warming".

"The four points of the communiqué are basically a declaration of intent. But in any case it is important that the parties talked, and, judging by the content of the sight of Trump and Kim, they talked fruitfully. Trump did not leave in the middle of the event, the parties did not break the table and did not begin to measure the red buttons. This is already quite important,

Said Asmolov to the newspaper VZGLYAD.

The expert called the summit the first step in solving the problem of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. "The American side has moved away from the concept of" mate in one move. " One thing is clear: Trump and Kim looked pleased, "he states.

As for the return to the US of the remains of dead POWs or missing during the Korean War, for Pyongyang this gesture is almost worthless, and "for the public opinion of the United States this is important enough."

In turn, an expert on Korean studies at the Institute for Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Kim En-un points out the great importance of the Singapore summit for Russia. The results of the meeting showed that North Korea remains an independent state, to which Americans guarantee security. "Consequently, near the Russian borders, the longest international problem that could not be resolved within 70 years may disappear. There will be less danger of military conflict there, "Kim told VZGLYAD.

According to him, in the event of a real normalization of relations between the United States and the DPRK, the ties between Pyongyang and Seoul will begin to grow, the railways of the north and south can become a single network and connect with the Trans-Siberian Railway. Moreover, there will be no barriers to the project to build a Russian gas pipeline to South Korea. Russian blue fuel will be almost 40% cheaper than liquefied gas, which Seoul purchases now.

"The combination of railways, the construction of the gas pipeline promises us tens of billions of dollars in profits ... Improving inter-Korean relations will lead to the expansion of our tripartite contacts. This would allow Russia to be more economically present in South and North Korea, "the expert predicts.

While talking to the press, Trump admitted that the meeting was "better than expected", the parties reached "great progress". He assured that the process of further development of bilateral relations will occur very quickly, and the United States and North Korea will be impressed with the results achieved. According to him, the relations between the two countries will be completely different from what was before.

Trump stated his desire to stop the state of war with the DPRK as soon as possible, in which the countries are formally located, and promised to stop military exercises in the Korean peninsula area if talks with the DPRK are moving forward. The fact that these are not just words, Trump made clear later, when he announced the suspension of 300 new positions on sanctions against the DPRK.

Kim also promised the world community great changes. "The world will see great changes. I want to thank President Trump for the fact that this meeting was held, "he said.

However, the leader of the DPRK was at least three times asked about "whether he will refuse nuclear weapons," but Kim remained silent.

Note that during the talks, Trump and Kim were interrupted for lunch. The American president behaved like a host and gestured to Kim: "Sit down, please." "You all got a wonderful picture, I'll look fine and cute," Trump said, observing reporters on the sidelines.

Before sitting down at the table, the two leaders walked a little and approached Trump's car, nicknamed "The Beast." A US Secret Service employee opened the back door of the limousine, and Kim looked inside. Journalists so eager to capture this historic moment, that between one of the photographers and the operator there was a small scuffle for the right to shoot from a convenient perspective.

The menu itself was for every taste. On the table served a traditional for Singapore cocktail of shrimp with avocado salad, and then beef ribs with potatoes, broccoli and red wine sauce, sweet-sour pork with rice under chili pepper sauce and braised cod with vegetables to choose from. For dessert was a cream of dark chocolate and ganache, vanilla ice cream and pastries.

We add that the observers analyzed the language of the body of Trump and Kim. Both were nervous, but in the first seconds of the meeting the US president showed dominance, quickly approached Kim Jong-un and patted him on the shoulder. In response, the North Korean leader firmly pressed Trump's hand, looking straight into his eyes, and only after a while looked at the journalists. As a result, "none of them allowed the other to get a dominant grip."

Andrew Rezchikov
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