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Putin invited Europe to free itself from America

Putin invited Europe to free itself from America

26 May 2018 LJ cover – Путин предложил Европе освободиться от Америки
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The theme of national sovereignty became a key topic during the discussion at the international economic forum in St. Petersburg. French President Emmanuel Macron was so ardently persuaded by all that his country has real sovereignty, that Vladimir Putin could not resist in reply - and made an exceptionally generous offer to Europe.

The participation of various world leaders in the sessions of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum has long been a tradition - but this time, together with Putin, several iconic persons were present on the stage at once. And if the arrival of Emmanuel Macron and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was known long before the opening of the forum, then the participation of Vice President Wang Qishan was announced just a week ago.

It seems that Xi Jinping himself sent his "right hand" for another demonstration of the importance that he gives to the "privileged strategic partnership" of the two countries. As it was already at the beginning of last month, when the Chinese defense minister in Moscow specifically stressed that his first foreign visit wants to show the Americans close ties between the armed forces of China and Russia. Van's appearance among the forum participants gave the alignment of forces on the stage a complete character - Russia, China, France and Japan.

The IMF director is also a representative of global structures.

Thus, Vladimir Putin was together with the representative of the European Union (France), the key country of the Western bloc in Asia (Japan) and the strategic partner of our country - China. Given that the discussion with participation of leaders was traditionally moderated by an American journalist, a kind of meeting of the club of "great powers" turned out. Given that in the last week Russia was visited also by the Prime Ministers of India and Germany, the review was almost complete.

Only the Anglo-Saxons were lacking. But the conflict with Britain against the backdrop of the "Fiddles" deal reached a stage of open hostility, and President Trump is practically deprived of freedom of action in the Russian direction. Although it is his actions on other areas of the world agenda that have become the most discussed in recent days.

The disruption of the deal with Iran, the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem and the refusal of the summit with the leader of the DPRK - for a month and a half Trump walked almost the entire list of the most painful issues of international life. Washington is playing on the aggravation right across the geopolitical field - raising bets in the hope of knocking down concessions and improving its positions. Yes, the hegemon really needs to formulate more favorable terms for world trade, and there is no paradox in it. The US remains a superpower in the military and financial terms, but it does not get much from the American state itself. Moreover - all the last decades there is a de-industrialization of America and the dilapidation of its infrastructure. And to improve the foreign trade balance and return production to the US, Trump is ready to do anything. That is, use the American military-financial and geopolitical advantages for aggravating the international situation and then knocking out trade concessions from all the key partners and opponents.

The game is dangerous, but that's how the US patriot Trump wants "to make America great again." In addition, if nothing is done, the prospects for the United States will not become more rosy: the former model of the United States as a global hegemon has exhausted itself, and its decline has already happened before our eyes.

In this situation, Putin's warning on the forum does not look exaggerated.

"The withdrawal of one of the contract parties from the legal field, failure of agreements always means significant risks and costs. This is an axiom of business practice ... On a global scale, such behavior of states - especially power centers - is fraught with the most negative, if not destructive, consequences. Disregard for existing norms and the loss of mutual trust can be superimposed on unpredictability, turbulence of colossal changes. This confluence of factors can lead to a systemic crisis that the world has not yet encountered. "

Putin knows what he is talking about. Answering the question about sanctions, which the US frightens the participants in the Iranian deal, the president quoted himself:

"I've always talked about this, I thought it was counterproductive, harmful. And we remember the experts here, and in the West, too, I remember my speech, say, in Munich in 2007, when I spoke about the inadmissibility of giving the extraterritorial character to the legal norms of one state, in this case the United States. Then many people became angry with me in the States and in Europe. But I was just about this and warned, but now, please, it blooms. Be kind, please, eat! "

Putin does not feel any joy from the fulfilled prophecies. It's just that he has been involved in a big game for a long time, and therefore can observe the processes in dynamics:

"This is destroying the existing world order. We must also agree with our American partners about some unified rules of conduct. This is extremely important, because this is precisely what is at the heart of our today's discussion - trust. Either it is, or not, and if it does not exist, then nothing good will happen at all. "

Putin answered mainly Emmanuel Macron - but his words sounded aloud and pathetic, but lightly. The political philosophy of the new French president is based on a flimsy foundation. The Atlantist, who wants to play the new De Gaulle, without having for this either the qualities of a general, or that of France, which is capable, at least in part, of standing up for himself. The most frequent word in Macron's speech was the word "sovereignty" - and it was clear that he thus convinces Putin, the French and the whole world that he really does have France, and he, Macron, will also strengthen him:

"I want to build a sovereign foundation. I want all new rules of the world to be fulfilled, strong sovereignty is needed for this ... You can not trust each other if you do not believe yourself and do not respect yourself. If you do not respect yourself, then no one will respect you. It is necessary to fight for the observance of sovereignty. I want us to respect each other, so that there are no interventions. "

Putin carefully listened to Macron's arguments about the sovereignty and inadmissibility of US sanctions, but a couple of times still could not resist. For example, he recalled the fines that were previously paid by French banks on the decisions of American courts. And he gave the main phrase of this day:

"Emmanuel said that Europe and the United States have mutual obligations: Europe depends on the United States in the field of security. But we do not need to worry about this - we will help. We will provide security. And, in any case, everything that depends on us, we will do so that there are no new threats. "

The French president did not miss these words. He began to assure that he was absolutely not afraid, "because France has an army that can defend the country independently": "

"But I have certain commitments regarding other European allies, and I think that such an architecture of European security is our responsibility."

This conversation is not even in different languages, but at different levels of thinking. Putin after all actually offered Europe to free itself from America, from the Atlantic leash, if it really wants to regain its real sovereignty. Not the one McRaugh talked about so much in his speech, but the real one. Of course, not Charles was sitting before Putin, and not even Marin - but nevertheless Putin said what he said, not at all because he wanted to pin up the Parisian guest. It's just that he will have another reason to remind the next president of France - we offered you.

Peter Akopov
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