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"Russia and Germany: quarrel at any cost!" - Trump again failed the mission

July 13 2018
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Appearing with the usual elephant grace in the political "china shop" for the two-day NATO summit that began in Brussels yesterday, US President Donald Trump traditionally began with a scandal. As a "whipping boy", he was elected none other than NATO Secretary General, and the main target for criticism was Germany. However, the whole fuse of the American leader, apparently, was wasted. However, let's start in order ...

It is possible that the squabble, initiated by Trump almost to the threshold of the headquarters of the Alliance, was caused entirely by everyday reasons. Most likely, the American president was enraged by that unprecedented fact. that on arrival in Belgium ... no one thought to arrange a magnificent meeting."The president is also my president ... I, by the way - is a monarch!"- decided, obviously ruling in Belgium, King Philip, and went to Russia to support the national team at the World Cup-2018. taking with him the Foreign Minister. Even the prime minister of Belgium, Charles Michel, preferred to communicate with Donald watching football in the most usual fan zone - and away from Brussels. Trump met only the chief of protocol of the Belgian Foreign Ministry.

Anyway, but at the summit the American leader arrived in an extremely bad and nervous mood. well, and, not changing his little things, he immediately appeared onNATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.For that, it was quite expected that Trump's "swinging of rights" would become a topic: "America contains all NATO!", But the conversation suddenly turned completely different side. The President of the United States began to arrange Stolenberg uniform dressing for ... the construction of the "Nord Stream-2".

The dialogue between the president and the General Secretary took place in the eyes of numerous journalists, more and more sliding down to the level of squabbling in the kitchen of the communal apartment:"How can you be together when a country receives energy from a person you want to protect from, or from a group that you want to protect from?""Trump declared. Obviously, not immediately grasping the essence of the question, Stolenberg replied:"When we are together, including when dealing with Russia, we are stronger!"These words clearly inflated Trump even more:"No, you just make Russia richer, you do not deal with Russia, you just make Russia richer!"The US president said in response. Stoltenberg's timid objection to the fact that even during the Cold War NATO allies traded with Russia, Trump was not taken into account."I think that trade is wonderful, but energy is a completely different story!", - he snapped.

After that, the president, so that everything was clear to everyone, set Poland as an example, which (here is a clever one!) Instead of "bad" Russian gas, assiduously consumes the "correct" American LNG. And he began to "Russian-German friendship", which, however, just did not call friendship using much more caustic characteristics and epithets:"You can look at some other countries that do not accept Russian gas, because they do not want to be captured by Russia.Germany, as far as I know, is in Russia's captivity,because it receives so much energy from Russia. We must defend Germany, but it gets energy from Russia. Explain this. It's impossible to explain, and you know it! "

At this stage, the emotional intensity of Trump reached an already too dangerous level, and therefore journalists from the audience quietly "asked", Further things happened in the absence of the press, but nevertheless, she became aware. Germany Trump once again called the country "under full control of Russia." And another thing - the US president believes:"NATO must do something about it!"According to the logic of the American president - whether to ban the "Nord Stream-2", or even completely bomb it right after construction ... Literally the main "message" of Trump NATO and Germany sounded like this:

"It's extremely unfortunate that Germany is signing a major oil and gas deal with Russia, we are defending Germany, we are defending France, we are defending all these countries, and yet a number of states are signing an agreement with Russia on the construction of the gas pipeline." They are building a gas pipeline that will replenish the treasury of Russia billions of dollars, I think this is completely unacceptable, plus the former German chancellor is working for the Russian gas company! "

We must give credit to Stolenberg - after listening to all this angry Filippika, he did not stand in the frond, clicking his heels, and with the equanimity of a true Scandinavian tried to impress a hot American guy that economic issues like the construction of the "North Stream-2" are actually out of the competence The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance, but adopted by individual countries. Here with them and ask! Trump, by the way, promised to ask withAngela Merkel, a meeting with which he held on the same day. However, apparently, he did not get better with the Chancellor than with the Secretary General ...

And let Donald Trump himself. after meeting with Angela Merkel in a "closed" format, he immediately shone with optimism and poured superlatives: the meeting was "excellent," he had "very, very good" relations with the Chancellor of Germany, and relations between the US and Germany - so simply "stunning", but Merkel behaved quite differently. She put all her impressions into a streamlined phrase that "I was glad to exchange opinions with Trump and I am ready to do it henceforth." By the way, both leaders refused flatly from the answers to journalists' questions, which, you will agree, speaks volumes. Yes, and the attacks of Trump regarding the "dependent" and "captive" Germany Merkel, too, without an answer did not leave."Germany is united, it can conduct independent policy and make independent decisions" That was her answer. At the same time, the Chancellor added that she lived, they say, in East Germany. which, in fact, was controlled by the USSR, so that it has material for comparison (unlike Trump!). In short, and here the frankly boorish "hitting" of Trump disappeared into the void.

After all this, one can only guess - what did Donald Trump prepare for the meeting in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin? Another attempt to quarrel between Russia and Germany and disrupt the construction of the gas pipeline that he hated? It seems that life does not teach him anything ...

Alexander the Wild
Planet Today
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