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G8 summit in Moscow should be: Russia was not excluded from the G8 by Russia

G8 summit in Moscow should be: Russia was not excluded from the G8 by Russia

11 2018 June LJ cover – Саммиту Джи8 в Москве быть: Россию никто из «восьмерки» не исключал
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G8 summit in Moscow should be: Russia was not excluded from the G8 by Russia

Analysis of the past 8-9 summits of the SCO and G7 showed how competently the two world leaders - Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump - "dissolved" the rest (except for China) political parties during these days.

What really happened.

Expressing surprise and misunderstanding of Russia's absence at the forthcoming G7 summit in Canada, Donald Trump sent a very clear message not only to the American democrats (Obama-Clinton) and the other members of J7 under which this happened, but to Vladimir Putin:

"Whether you like it or not, and it's maybe politically incorrect to talk, but we need to rule the world. And there is GX7, which was before G8, expelled Russia, it must return Russia, because Russia needs us at the negotiating table. Why do we hold a meeting when Russia is not at the meeting? I will recommend it, it depends on them, but Russia should be at the meeting, it should be part of it. "

And if this idea with respect to one's own and other people's democrats was clearly made in order to put them and their media on their ears, so that again only Trump's name was on the media world agenda, then the message addressed to Vladimir Putin required the Kremlin to have a very thin answer, so that the American side is convinced that it has been heard, and Moscow's response has shown that the message has been heard.

"As for the return of Russia to the G7, the G8, we did not get out of it. Colleagues at one time refused to come to Russia on well-known grounds. Please, we will be happy to see everyone there in Moscow, "Vladimir Putin responded to this idea, thereby showing the West not only the way to solve all existing problems, but also that there will be no other return of Russia to J8. And if the West tried to arrange us obstruction, now now you have the opportunity to pray to Moscow for the committed flaws and sins.

JX6 thus appeared to be between a hammer and an anvil.

Moreover, Trump did not stop there and strengthened his signal to all world elites, having withdrawn the US signature from the communique agreed upon at the end of the summit. What does this signal say? That Jixunx as the main structure of the ruling group in the world comes to an end. That comes the time of other coalitions.

This Trump signal has caused misunderstanding among many experts who see this as just the impulsiveness of the American president, thus supporting the Clinton version and the mental ill-health of the American president. However, despite the opinion of respected experts, Trump's actions in no way fall under the category of "impulsive subjectivism."

Trump's foreign policy line is very clear, understandable and rational - it gets rid of the excessive imperial infrastructure of the US, thereby trying not to repeat the failed Soviet experience of "perestroika", as a result of which a similar disposal of the imperial infrastructure of the USSR went according to one of the most disastrous scenarios of the collapse of the Empire and its provinces.

According to Trump's clear logic, all the contracts imposed by the world's democratic lobby for feeding limitrophs for the sake of maintaining its supposedly Imperial status, and in fact, sucking out juices from the country just like supporting African regimes from the USSR, will be torn, whatever it costs.

What Trump does. What is the main outcome of G7 in Canada? From the former monolithic nature of the West and "Euro-Atlantic solidarity" there is no trace. In fact, Trump demarche all showed that he does not keep anyone in J7 by force, and, above all, he will not be there to hold the force of the United States. G6 can not act as partners of the United States even purely economically - their total gross domestic product is less than one US.

Another such summit and no one can guarantee that, departing from it, on the plane Trump will write a tweet about the US withdrawal from J7. And the leaders of J6 understood this perfectly - either they do not interfere with the US and Russia to build a new world order and are built in the wake of new geopolitical processes, or the US will write them off the ship to the shore and arrange J2 with Russia or J3 with Russia and China.

This political line of world powers is understandable and can not be discussed: Russia, China and the United States are long overdue from the trusteeship of the limitrophs, whose lobby is constantly trying to pose foreheads, to determine regions of its geopolitical interests, to calmly descend from the mountain and begin to rule the world based on understandable principles of justice, morality, economic mutual benefit. Only in this case, mankind is waiting for a long and happy life. Otherwise, "we will live poorly, but not for long."

Yuri Baranchik
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