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Secrets of the attraction of the Anglo-Saxon civilization

Secrets of the attraction of the Anglo-Saxon civilization

14 2018 June LJ cover – Секреты притягательности англосаксонской цивилизации
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Wherever the Russians come, the first thing they start to do is build. Regardless of the planned time of stay and the attitude of the local population. So it was in Asia, and in Africa, and in Afghanistan. But most of all and best of all it can be seen on the example of the Baltic States. As much as it was built here during the times of the "Russian yoke" does not lend itself to comprehension of the norms of investments per capita that are customary today.

Factories, power stations, schools, universities, hospitals, roads, ports and entire cities - all this fell on the local, just pulled out of the baron chicken coops, the population, as from the cornucopia. They built a reckless and a lot, as if for the last time. However - as always, as everywhere.

And as a result of all this bacchanalia of electrification, melioration, urbanization and other activities, the local lame population, which yesterday Aryan masters were allowed to enter the cities only for cleaning public places, washed-clothed-fed-trained to artist artists- artisans at the expense of "invaders", began to compare life on his farm and in the neighboring Russian village.

And somehow it turned out that in the native Russian village, after 50 years of continuous assistance to the fraternal Soviet peoples, there was not even a tenth of those benefits of civilization that "unexpectedly" suddenly appeared in "sisters and brothers".

- And this is the metropolis ??? - the horror of the Soviet "national-fraternal" peoples was horrified? Yes, we are a hundred times richer! And this means that we are a hundred ... not a thousand times smarter and steeper than "this hammered, dirty frame ..."

And at this time ...

And not only in this, but in general at all times and on all continents, the Anglo-Saxons, coming to any territory, the first thing they did was to lower the local population below the plinth. Below your skirting board. Where, by exchanging land and gold for mirrors and rattles, where by means of painstaking and noble plunder, where by "honest investments", turning into unfair raiders on the course of the matter, they busily and efficiently dragged the resources of the colonies into the metropolis. And they also built it! Factories, power plants, schools, colleges, hospitals, roads, ports and whole cities ... BUT - at home!

And the generalized aborigines, comparing their crushed historic homeland with the shining heights of the Anglo-Saxon metropolis, saw with the naked eye the difference between themselves - wretched and Anglo-Saxons Great, which automatically removed the question of who is smarter and steeper.

Proceeding from the foregoing, it is easy to diagnose a typical error of Russian civilization, which is repeated from time to time from century to century - namely, an artificial imbalance in investments in its own and adjacent territories.

Is it possible to build on the territory of "fraternal peoples"? Of course you can. Only invariably respecting the proportions: one school there - 10 - at home. On one paved path - in the colony, three autobahns - in the metropolis. And all two of which - at the expense of resources seized in this very colony. And such simple arithmetic will yield tremendous results in one generation - none of the "fraternal peoples" will no longer call the Russian slaves, and themselves - elected. Because they will clearly understand - they choose slaves. And relatives - do not choose. They are what they are. Such kind of God gave ... And if that - all the claims - to him ...

Do not be shy to learn from the enemy.

They did not hesitate to learn from the Nazis in the Great Patriotic War. They mastered their tactics of dissecting blows, pairwise work in the sky and other-other-other ... They mastered and then beat the enemy with his own weapon.

The USA is a competent educator! Nobody forgives anything, puts it into the corner without taking into account merit and age for any prank, and most importantly - never - for free. I took two - you give four. But to take it, you'll also dance and sing a song, and not sing, but up to the seventh sweat ... And God forbid in this song you forget a word or confuse ... The Indians could not remember, and where are they now? Only those who have firmly mastered remained - Big Brother is always right!

No matter how hard the loving Yankees roamed in occupied Germany, still the fame for 100500 million raped German women - exclusively Russian. And why? And because in Germany there are still 20 US military bases. Therefore, about the bombing of Dresden, the Germans prefer to remain silent, like fish on ice, and about storming Berlin are shouting around the clock and loudly, like about the greatest barbarity ...

And the Japanese are immensely grateful to the Americans for the atomic bombing of their cities for a very simple reason - you will not be grateful - will fly yet ... and then again ... and so until the establishment of complete and absolute gratitude ...

And the Russians put more than a million of their lives for Szczastie of Bulgaria - and as a result Bulgaria fought against Russia in all wars. For it is not clear why I should thank the Russians? Here Americans have for what - they for 10 years drove the Bulgarians back to where Russia pulled them out 70. And the Bulgarians know - one careless "meow" - and wake up generally in the Stone Age! And then they wake up every morning - they look - no, not yet in the stone, THANKS AMERICA! Smacky smacks!

Yes there are foreigners! Russia-Mother managed even to grow a whole class of people who sincerely hate her. And they hate it for the same simple reason - once having received something nahalyavu, a person will never be grateful to the donor, but on the contrary, he will consider that the donor is more than obliged to him and will demand a freebie, as a drug addict - a dose - in ever increasing quantities.

And now, inside Russia itself, people are absolutely useless, useless and not needed anywhere, sitting solely on the state neck, but for some reason those who call themselves intellectuals hate this state just like any parasite hates their victim. Sincerely and to sweet colic in the stomach. But at the same time guzzling, stsuko, they demand regularly!

What happens inside is regularly repeated outside. For the ukrave (not to be confused with the Ukrainians), the Russians became aggressors not when they regained the Crimea, but when they pumped Kiev with free-spirited incomes-discounts, privileges, credits (only for the post-Soviet period - 250 billion!) And will always, who then has something to do "just like that." For even in the most respectable family the most spoiled child grows into the most vile parasite. What can we say about geopolitics?

So brush the dust and read Makarenko! He clearly described the process of building normal interstate relations. And we look at Americans - they constantly apply his theory in practice. The truth is only the first chapter, but this, as you see, is enough for world love. What we all want.

And this...

Let's stop once already being led to the "brotherly people" ... In foreign policy one can and should be allowed to be cynical. Not for the sake of an effect, but for the comfort and safety of the usual Marya Ivanovna from under the Wedge or Torzhok. She deserves it to God. And the comfort and safety of Marya Ivanovna - this is the First and Main Secret of civilizational attraction. Anglo-Saxon - including ...

Sergei Vasiliev
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