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The US began a war against Russia and cut off its ways to retreat

The US began a war against Russia and cut off its ways to retreat

August 13 2018
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New sanctions against Russia are to declare war to the end

Russia-2018 and the USSR-1940 have much in common. And then, and now the world has stopped on the eve of the inevitable world war for a global redistribution of the world. And then, and now at the head of the country were politicians who had the world's largest state experience. And then, and now Russia is waiting, playing giveaways and wins time. And then, and now there is the same mobilization task: "Or we will slip this way for 10-15 years, or we will be dashed".

Many skeptics say: the present people are not the people that were in the USSR. Rotten people. In order to win the war, this can not be done. This is not true. This is the replacement of reality with propaganda cliches. And then the people were everyone, and now. And then the NKVD had something to do, and now the FSB is located. Nevertheless, if tomorrow the war is a real one, for survival, the people will again stand in line at the military commissariats. Even if it is not needed there and the outcome of the war will be solved by the missile system. So even then, and now with the mobilization ideology is not easy. Then collectivization and dekulakization did not like, now they do not like privatization, but when the enemy invades, everyone makes a choice. The overwhelming majority chooses trenches, the minority serves the enemy. All without changes.

Because the person avoids the traumatic reality, the realization of the beginning of the war always comes late. Gradually they are drawn into the war. The pre-conflict stage and the conflict itself are usually divided among themselves, although in reality these are different stages of the same process. The accumulation of conflict potential in the form of rhetoric is already a sign of the military situation. To think that the war is when the border guards shout into the phone, what the tanks that crossed the river see, and the infantry that fills the presumption, and the commanders of the districts are stunned by the clouds of bombers floating in the sky somewhere in the rear-all this is a misinterpretation of the war. War is already the very intention to harm you. The way of fulfilling the desire is deeply secondary.

Now Russia is confronted with the phenomenon of the escalation of the conflict by the US. Many do not want to believe that this is a war. I want to believe that these are just frightening gestures, that everything will resolve, like a false pregnancy. But this is a mistake - nothing will resolve. Their problems can be solved only by force. Confidently and adamantly, the American ruling class is moving towards an armed phase of the world conflict, where the conflict with Russia is only a fragment. But the fragment is central.


Already passed the stage of ridicule and irony, exchange of causticism, the nomination of ultimatums, the stage of dehumanization and dehumanization of the enemy began. Following this stage, a sabotage war begins, flowing into a total war, where the clashes of armies are only part of the total war and not always the main one. Yes, the power steps consolidate success, but the main thing is done before that. The main thing is to cut off the enemy from the key resources of the war - unions, money, attractive image, raw materials, technologies.

How to relate to what we have learned about the next wave of sanctions initiated by the US Congress? Is it a bluff or a reality? Is it war or bargaining? You need to answer these questions in order to choose the right policy. Let's take a closer look at the conditions that are set for us.

The US Congress passes a law on six points.

1. Establishment of an anti-Russian agency in the status of a national center to combat the Russian threat. The annual budget is 250 million dollars.

2. Prohibition of settlements with the largest systemic Russian banks, first of all, having a state shareholding. Privileges, such as Alfa Bank, do not concern such repressions - because of the complete loyalty to the Americans of the leadership of such banks. That is, the Americans clearly outlined their agents in Russia.

3. Ban on transactions with Russian Eurobonds. We are not only prohibited from selling government bonds in dollars, but also in euros. That is, an offensive on all fronts.

4. Recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. This is to cut off all the attempts of Europeans to somehow bargain with the Americans on the issue of easing sanctions against Russia.

5. The ban on transactions with Russian federal loan bonds in US dollars for US investors.

6. Beginning of the propaganda campaign to compromise Vladimir Putin under the general title "Activating the search for Putin's assets around the world."

That is, Russia was designated as an enemy and created an agency for the constant struggle against it. Personalized the leader of his enemy - Vladimir Putin. Against him is the whole attack. This, in addition, that the fight against Russia is a constant task of all US departments, from the Ministry of Finance to the Pentagon, all 12 months a year. Here the form of war is sanctions. This is the task of the new department. Americans - the people of the system, and all decide systematically. There is a control function - there is a structure for it.


Any process is a goal and a package of tasks to achieve this goal. The Americans have created a structure for solving several tasks to conduct a war with Russia through a mechanism of sanctions as one of the means of war - NATO and the media have not dumped from the accounts.

The United States and Britain are linking the requirements to Russia in a single package. Or Russia lets its plants that choose Anglo-Saxons, the so-called "UN inspection", which is looking for traces of the production of chemical weapons, or in 90 days sanctions come into effect. And then the complete and unconditional isolation of Russia in the world. What is the point?

In fact, this is a choice without a choice. This is reconnaissance by battle. If Russia lets an inspection, it means that it succumbed to the pressure, and it must be increased further, because it worked. Ten new ultimatums were put forward to us. The commission of the "UN inspectors", even if brought to the Uryupinsky bread-baking plant, will find there a white powdery substance, "highli Likli" resembling a poisoning agent, and will require an extension of access to other plants, collecting incidentally the necessary intelligence and simultaneously issuing convictions whose samples have already been printed and sent out to members of the inspection. That is, according to the results of the inspection, Russia in love case will receive isolation, justified by the verdict of the commission.

If Russia does not let anyone go anywhere, it will get the same isolation, but for the fact that it did not allow inspection and thus placed itself outside the international community. Sponsor of terrorism and everything else is already indicated.

In parallel, there is a powerful company to search for "Putin's treasures": castles, treasures of chests with piastres, photographs of planes of some villas, vineyards, copies of bank checks with numbers and bank titles, and third-party proxies to other third parties. Some photos of confused chefs and surprised cellists. Two months of such hysteria - and everyone will be sure that Putin is richer than Rothschild. Spoons, however, are not ours, but the sediment remains. The argument is simple - "everyone knows about this". In a word - "highli lycli."

British version

The manner of negotiating behavior in this case on the part of the US is "Terminator." Such a character with an iron head, to beat on which is useless. Style of behavior - hitting. Ultimatum. Power model. There are certain manipulative strategies that destroy this model, but if an opponent wants to fight, rather than negotiate, he will fight and go to a fight. And there's nothing you can do about it.

Do the "American" wars want to, unlike the Russians, who, as you know, never want war? Let's look at the talking heads of the American ruling class. They sound "to the city and the world" what they want to bring to the attention of the class.

There are two classics of the genre known to the general public (the others are known less) - these are Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Friedman, the head of the Stratfor company, a well-known propaganda center designed as an analytical center. And if Brzezinski all read, one way or another, at least in the form of a couple or three famous quotations, Friedman's works are known less than about him. And here there is something to think about.

In the 90-ies Friedman published a rather interesting book titled "The Next 100 Years: The Forecast of the 21st Century Events." It formulates all the insights of the American establishment in relation to Russia. And all their true intentions, the manifestation of which we see now. Word to the author:

"There was an opinion that the Cold War resolved the Russian question, but this is just an impression ... Taking into account the fact that Russia has not collapsed, one can confidently say that the Russian geopolitical question will arise again. Russia is currently gaining energy, we can assume that the Russian question will arise sooner rather than later. This future conflict will not be a repetition of the Cold War, as the First World War was not a repetition of the Napoleonic wars. But in this conflict the fundamental Russian question will be posed: IF RUSSIA - UNIFIED NATIONAL STATE, WHERE ARE THE BORDER AND WHAT ARE THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH NEIGHBORS? This issue will determine the next major stage of world history, in the period preceding 2020. "

That is, the American elite in black and white questioned the principle of the unity of the Russian state within its borders (Russia is a single national state without any "ifs") and formulated the question of how the West should prevent Russia from returning to its historical borders. In all ways, right up to the military. Here and in any way differently.

George Friedman

"The US war with the Islamic world is already over, and a new conflict is just around the corner. Russia is regaining its former sphere of influence and will inevitably come into conflict with US interests. The Russians will move west through the territory of the East European Plain. When Russia regains its strength, it will face a US-controlled NATO in the three Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as in Poland. At the beginning of the XXI century. there will be other sources of disagreement, but it is this new cold war will lead to the emergence of hot spots after the end of the war between the US and Muslims.

Russia will certainly try to establish its own order, and the US will definitely try to prevent this. But, ultimately, Russia can not win. Its deep internal problems, a rapidly shrinking population and poor infrastructure ultimately make Russia's hopes for a long-term existence of ghostly. And the second cold war, not so terrible and much less global than the first, will end in a similar way - the fall of Russia. "

It is worth to reject the argumentation part due to its clear propaganda bias, and turn to the part of the statement. These statements are very sober.

The American ruling class perfectly understands that Russia will never accept the fact of its weakening and loss of influence in historical territories. Russia will certainly get stronger once and make every effort to return the lost. And then she must stumble on the position of NATO and the united West, which should prevent the strengthening of Russia.

Further Friedman cites the opinion of the ruling circles of the United States on the Chinese threat:

"Many people predict that China will be the main contender for the US, not Russia." I do not agree with this opinion for three reasons: First, if we look closely at the map of China, it is clear that it is in a rather isolated situation, north of the border with Siberia, and in the south - with the Himalayas and jungle-covered territories.If also to consider that the majority of the population lives in the eastern part of the country, it becomes obvious that China will not be so easy to expand its borders.


Secondly, China has not been a major maritime power for many centuries, and the creation of a fleet implies not only the construction of ships, but also the training of skilled and experienced seamen, which will take many years.

Thirdly, there is a more compelling reason not to worry about China, as this country is characterized by chronic instability. Every time China opens its borders to the outside world, coastal areas start to thrive, but the vast majority of Chinese living in the interior of the country continue to languish in poverty, which translates into tension, conflict and instability.

By virtue of this decision, economic decisions are made for political reasons, which makes them ineffective and contributes to the growth of corruption. This is not the first time that China has opened an internal market for foreign trade, and not the last, when as a result of such a step it comes to an unstable state. And, of course, in its history, not the last time there is such a figure as Mao Zedong to isolate the country from the surrounding world, to make everyone equally rich (or equally poor) and start the cycle anew.

Some people believe that the world trends that have emerged in the last 30 years will exist for an indefinite time. I think that in the coming decade, the Chinese cycle will move to its next and inevitable stage. And the United States, for which China is not at all an opponent, will try to help him and keep him from disintegration, in order to keep him as a counterweight to Russia. The current dynamic growth of China's economy will not go to long-term success. "

It is also absolutely explicitly stated here: for the US, not China, but Russia is the priority of No. 1 and the main political enemy, the destruction of which is the most important historical task. While Russia exists even in its current truncated borders, the US can not live peacefully. The very existence of Russia threatens the United States in an intolerable way.

I want to draw attention to these words of Friedman: "Given that Russia is currently gaining energy." Firstly, this is an opinion of an engaged, but quite professional analyst. And if our enemies believe that under Vladimir Putin, Russia is dangerous for them to gain energy, then all internal Russian critics of Putin, who deny and ridicule the strengthening of Russia under his rule, should pay attention: Friedman does not agree with them. He would be happy to agree, but he can not. And that is why he is alarmed beyond measure.

On the road to peace lies Russia

Secondly, if for the enemies the fact of strengthening Russia has become a terrible reality, then those who agree with this can not be analysts. Evil can be, but analysts are not. Their opinion is taken into account in elections, but can not be taken into account as an adequate assessment of reality. And this despite all the fact that there are a lot of problems in Russia and some of them are natural (because of the liberals in the government) worsen. But many are being solved - and this is the basis for the continued internal stability, despite the problems.

But the main problem for Russia remains the modernization leap. Russia carries it out in a frank war. While there is no exchange of blows by the armies. Everything else is available.

Friedman writes: "... In response, the US invaded the Islamic world, but the country did not set itself the goal of winning." It was not even clear what exactly it would mean to win. "The goal of the US was simply to destroy the Islamic world and set up its member countries against friend, so that the Islamic empire never arose again. "

With respect to Russia, the same goal is pursued: just destroy the Russian world and customize the incoming center and the national outskirts against each other, so that the Russian Empire will never arise again.

That is, the United States, by launching a new round of the sanctions war, is by no means bluffing and not bargaining. Bluff differs from a lie in that a lie is something that can not be, and a bluff at a certain stage can be embodied. The whole question is only where this line really is. This is the whole point. The US will not back down - they have nowhere to retreat. They understood the fatal mistake when Russia was underdrawn in the 90. With the crisis of global capitalism they are now cornered like a rat. Forces for the throw they still have. But they are frightened by the fact that the forces of the recently defeated Russia are arriving, and the forces of the newly victorious United States are waning.

The return of Crimea by Russia showed that the triumph of the victory of the West turned out to be false. Russia has already made a step - returned the Crimea. And the West could not do anything! If you do not blow up Russia, the next step will follow at any time. And one more. Until Russia returns to the borders of the USSR. And because the US acts with an extreme position of strength. From the position of the Terminator. Therefore, they are hitting Russia's finances and technologies - the most vulnerable sectors connected by the liberals with the West. This is a relaxing blow. It must cause a coup. Then the invasion will follow.

Crimean bridge from space

In the press there are many articles where the risks and dangers of the new US course are weighed for Russia. Either way, they exist, although not fatal. However, no one has written about the weakness of Terminator's position for the US itself. And it is and it is essential. It is based on two points: first, the risks for such a position have not been calculated, and secondly, the lost opportunities have not been calculated.

In Russia, this was understood by Putin. In the US, only Kissinger and a narrow circle of his associates understood these dangers. But they are now in a clear minority. Everything is decided by the neocons. They do not take these two points and impose their course on America. And this course is war. This is not an attempt to frighten or bargain. This is precisely the war to destroy the enemy state. It requires military responses. First of all, the configuration of society and command on the thinking of wartime.

The visibility of the world is over, and with each month the war will go on increasing. Soon, the US will cease to reckon with the damage to itself. During this time in the world there will be a wide coalition of anti-American forces, the basis of this coalition will be the BRICS and the SCO. Add Turkey, Pakistan, Iran. New anti-American alliances will begin to develop non-dollar trade, realizing that they are in danger.

In any case, the US plan is only aimed at the fact that Russian citizens who are deprived of access to working ATMs and currency settlements will sweep away power and call liberals who will divide Russia into several parts and will forever solve the Russian question in favor of the West. All the invasions of Russia in the last 1000 years, with which the conquerors came, proceeded from the same idea. And their calculations were never justified. And now again the war, and again with the same hopes. History, indeed, some people do not teach anything.

Alexander Khaldey
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