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"Where the United States has visited, chaos and devastation reign": the expert explained why Africa chooses Russia

"Where the United States has visited, chaos and devastation reign": the expert explained why Africa chooses Russia

15 2018 June LJ cover – «Там, где побывали США, царит хаос и разруха»: эксперт объяснил, почему Африка выбирает Россию
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The authorities of African states are increasingly turning to Moscow for help in matters of security and avoiding the United States.

As you know, today the authorities of the United States of America are doing everything to establish control literally over the whole world. However, Washington is rapidly losing influence on the African continent, whose countries are increasingly declaring their frank sympathy for Russia. It is noteworthy that confidence is also lost to the countries of the European Union.

It's not a secret for anyone today that Africa's relations with such states as Russia, China, India and Turkey are developing much better than with "partners" from the US and Europe. It's all about militarism, with which the modern Western world is used to solving "problems", and which so frightens Africans. All this, of course, can not guarantee the security of ordinary citizens.

For more than 17 years, the US and Europe have been building their relationship with the African region solely from a position of strength - on a military basis. On the continent, now and then there are American military bases, the number of which is growing every day.

In this regard, the situation in most countries in the region is rapidly deteriorating. Today, all the prerequisites for the beginning of the revolution have emerged, which can happen at any time. In this situation, someone must come to the aid of countries in need, and Russia can become such a partner.

Assistance to the peoples of Africa from Moscow today is already in such troubled countries as the Sudan and the CAR. Russia not only helps these states combat the terrorist threat, but also does everything possible to exclude the possibility of a humanitarian catastrophe. Yury Samonkin, political scientist, publicist and chairman of the ANO "Center for Research, Preservation and Support of Eurasian Development", explained why the African authorities give "preference" to Russia in matters of bilateral cooperation and turn for help in solving the most difficult issues, such as security, to Moscow.

"Yes, the African region is still unstable. Here, revolutions and civil wars are not due to external factors, in contrast to the Middle East, where Washington is the culprit of instability, but through the formation of its own opposition and the riot of civil society. And in the 21-th century, and several centuries ago, this region remained and remains difficult both in terms of economic, humanitarian, and in terms of military conflicts. Therefore, undoubtedly, both the leadership of the Sudan and other African states see the geopolitical situation in the world and understand that the US does not help the weaker countries, but, on the contrary, they arrange their democracy by bombing, as it can be seen in the Middle East "

The expert noted that Africa today sees a reliable partner exclusively in the person of Russia, since the intervention of the West, in particular of Washington, usually turns states into destroyed territories.

"Where Washington has visited, chaos and devastation reign. All this forces the authorities of the African countries to look for new strategic partners that would help to find solutions to very complex economic and humanitarian issues. Today, such partners are countries that lead an independent sovereign course of development through non-interference in the interests of other countries. Russia has quite developed economic relations with Africa. This was said a lot about SPIEF-2018. Therefore, the leadership of the Sudan and other countries see Moscow as a reliable ally, because we have a completely different rhetoric of international affairs and relations, in contrast to the United States. That's why we are drawn to. Russia, in turn, should not miss such a chance and be a worthy guarantor of security, which it is "

Victoria Ponamareva
New Inform
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