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Trump - US Attorney General:

Trump - US Attorney General: "Let you disengage from the Russians already!"

August 2 2018
Tags: USA, Trump, Politics, Analysis, Elections, West, Russia

Presidents also break ... Donald Trump's next performance in his beloved Twitter can rightly be called a "cry of the soul." Yes, it seems, to the limit, the present owner of the White House got the endless swishing frenzy, started in the USA around the alleged "Russian interference" in his election!

Trump, in principle not distinguished by the ability to restrain their own emotions and choose expressions, this time just outshone himself. In his tirade addressed to the US Attorney General (who is also the Minister of Justice), Jeff Session said:"This is a terrible situation, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions must put an end to this fabricated witch-hunt immediately before it further tarnishes our country." Bob Muller has a clear conflict of interest, and his 17 angry democrats who do his dirty work for him disgrace him USA!"

Recall for clarity - unscrupulous gossip about the fact that Donald Trump won the presidential election allegedly as a result of never and never recorded "Russian interference" crawled almost on the day of his election. Gradually growing more and more wild (and less and less provable!) "Details", these nonsense have already received the status of "public opinion": "Well, everyone knows that Trump is a real agent of the Kremlin!" further - more ... The political opponents and personal enemies of Trump joined the process - and it raced!

The crown of all this clownery was the most real official investigation, which was seriously committed by adults and at first glance, seemingly even sane "state men" from Washington. 17 May 2017, the US Ministry of Justice commissioned an investigation into the "Russian interference in the presidential election" by former FBI director Robert Mueller, appointing him to the post of special prosecutor and head of the commission. Before that, two tasks were set: to assess the extent to which Russia interfered in the election of the US president, and to investigate possible arrangements between the Kremlin and Trump (or any persons representing his headquarters). The third option - the introduction of clean schizophrenic "versions" and sending their authors straight to the survey for psychiatrists was not even considered.

Water since then has flowed a lot. Whether a joke - more than a year has passed! Periodically, new "sensations and compromising material" arose around the case, but for close and close examination all of them somehow turned out to be blown. In the case, as many as 35 witnesses were interviewed - and damned pleased investigators, inflating the importance of the cheeks periodically stated with a mysterious look that they "managed to find some clues." Which ones? With whom or with what connected, and, most importantly - with what clues, evidences and material evidence all these "hooks" were confirmed ?! All these questions of answers, it is quite expected, did not follow. Materials on the case are kept in itself, that there is no deep ... secret.

Here, it turned out to be extremely successfulPaul Manafort, who had the imprudence to deal with someone there in Ukraine and who had left there, and, afterwards, seemingly, "lit up" somehow sideways in Trump's election campaign. Already in this, the American justice clung to the eagerness of the frenzied pit bull terrier! According to some reports, the poor fellow "shines" for hundreds of three years in prison. But. in any case - not for "cooperation with Russia" or even for participating in the election of Yanukovych, so hated by America - and for the fact that Paul trivial tried to hide from taxation the money earned in "nezalezhnoy" money in decent quantities - 60 million dollars.

However, at what here Trump ?! The president himself, by the way, also does not comprehend."Paul Manafort worked for Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, and many other prominent and respected political leaders, who worked for me for a very short time, why the government did not tell me that he was under investigation." These old accusations have nothing to do with "conspiracy " - this is a lie!"- He is indignant. By the way, not so long ago, all in the same Twitter Trump generally put forward the idea, which is called, "bribing its novelty - they say," conspiracy - not a crime! "But that's so, by the way ...

It's no wonder that the American head of state is furious and his emotions on this issue break out completely uncontrollably. Caught up! It is not worth it to do half a step in the direction of normalizing relations with Russia or personally its leader, but simply not to give out some nasty things to the Russians for a while, then a many-voiced hysterical chorus is heard:"agent of the Kremlin," "henpecked by Putin," "staff member of the FSB," "traitor to America"!And then what pohlesche ... One "concert", worthy except that the inhabitants of the monkey, who Trump arranged a house on his return from Helsinki, which was worth it! This will even lead the president to white heat.

Muller's dismissal, Donald Trump, to his own, for certain, great regret, can not be dismissed. the law does not allow. this issue is only and exclusively in the competence of the US Department of Justice, all this foul-smelling porridge, in fact, and brewed. However, to date, the president of America expressed his position clearly and unambiguously: His "collusion with Russia" during the election campaign is nothing but "complete deception," and the democrats, either being fools themselves, or wanting to be left in a fool all of America, "paid for a fake and discredited dossier of evidence."

Than all will end - we will see. Especially to be flattered. however, it is not necessary - especially after all the same Trump managed to "re-train" on this topic three times last month. 16 July at a press conference in Helsinki on the "intervention", he said:"President Putin says that it was not Russia that did it, I see no reason why it should be it." Literally the next day he assured me that it was a "reservation", and already 24 was talking about the future "active intervention of Russia" in the election of the US Congress in November this year.

What follows after the current "impact" on Sessions and Mueller - one Trump is known. And even then - hardly ...

Alexander the Wild
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