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The last United States Secretary-General who was able to shock

The last United States Secretary-General who was able to shock

August 18 2018
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The departed life of Kofi Annan is recalled on Saturday around the world, including in Russia. He received the post of the seventh UN Secretary General due to the fact that the United States vetoed the second term of his predecessor. In fact, it was with Annan that the UN lost its status as an organization that accepts at least some decisions. But this was not due to, but in spite of the efforts of Kofi Annan.

About the death of the former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, his relatives reported in a modern way: in Instagram and Twitter, a diplomat. As stated in the message, 80-year-old ex-secretary-general died in the environment of the family after a short illness. Details of the solemn farewell will be announced later.

The successor to the Egyptian Boutros Boutros-Ghali, due to the US decision, Annan initially had an ambiguous reputation. In the early years, many countries treated him exclusively as an American protege acting in the interests of the "patron". The UN, led by Kofi Annan, did nothing to prevent the bombing of Yugoslavia, approved the US-British invasion of Afghanistan and could not resist the US decision to invade Iraq.

But although Kofi Annan did not manage to make the UN a weighty player in the international arena, he, at least, tried. And where he failed to prevent the war, the UN Secretary-General was able to give Iraqis and Libyans several years of peaceful life when he persuaded Saddam Hussein to send international inspectors into 1998 year, and Muammar Gaddafi - to extradite Britons suspected of a terrorist attack over Lockerbie.

But, perhaps, the main achievement of Kofi Annan was his farewell speech, delivered 11 December 2006 year in the museum library Harry Truman. Filled with compliments to the US in general and Truman in particular, the statement caused a hysterical reaction in Washington.

Condoleezza Rice, who then held the post of Secretary of State, attacked the outgoing UN secretary general with accusations that he "stopped" the positive role of the United States in the world. "I was hoping that he would talk about the work that we did together," she lamented. "This speech is a truly missed opportunity," she commented.

Where Congressman Henry Hyde, who headed the International Affairs Committee of the lower house of the American Parliament in 2006, was sharper. "The inability of Annan to take responsibility for the decade of scandals in the UN is quite understandable. It was completely predictable, "he said.

Obedience to the speech of Annan and the then Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert, according to which the seventh secretary general does not understand anything in key international problems. This is due to the phrase that the settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict could have a positive impact on the situation in Lebanon and in Iraq and also because six months earlier Annan had accused Israel of deliberately striking at UN peacekeepers in Lebanon.

What is so terrible for the US said in 2006 year, elected with their maximum support, the UN Secretary-General?

The fact of the matter is that nothing.

He very gently, politely and diplomatically hinted to Washington that behind the words of American politicians about the US, as a luminous democracy, which is good for all the peoples of the world, lies exclusively the desire for world domination.

"As Truman said," we must once and for all prove that our strength is in our rights. " That is why the United States has always been at the forefront of the global human rights movement. However, this situation will remain only if America remains true to its principles, including in the context of the fight against terrorism. When it seems that it is moving away from its own ideals and goals, its friends abroad can not but experience anxiety and confusion, "Annan addressed the American leadership.

"When force is used, especially military force, the world must be sure that this is done with the right goal - the goal shared by all - and in accordance with generally accepted norms," ​​the United Nations Secretary-General reminded the United States of the illegal invasion of Iraq.

"Today, like never before, Americans, like the rest of humanity, need a functioning global system through which the peoples of the world could jointly fight against global challenges. And for its successful functioning, this system still badly needs a far-sighted American leadership, in the style of Truman. And I hope and pray that today's and tomorrow's American leaders will provide such guidance, "Kofi Annan concluded his speech.

Today, after the Munich speech of Vladimir Putin in 2007 and his speech at the UN General Assembly in 2015, Annan's words about American policy seem extremely soft. But in 2006 for the US it was a shock - when a person who was educated in America spent most of his life working in the United States and became Secretary General of the United Nations, accuses Washington of departing from the principles of the founding fathers.

Unfortunately, the words of Kofi Annan did not force the Bush administration officials to think. Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama also did nothing to make the world safer, and the "Arab spring" that began with his approval led to millions of deaths and tens of millions of refugees. Donald Trump is all the more incapable of at least somehow remedying the situation, even if (which is unlikely) very much wanted.

World leaders express condolences to the family of Kofi Annan and the current UN Secretary General Antoniu Gutteresh. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in particular, said that Annan "did much to realize the goals and objectives" of the UN, strengthening its role in the world has done. Of particular significance, Putin called the personal contribution of Annan to the "peacekeeping potential" of the UN. The Russian leader admitted that he sincerely admired the wisdom and courage of Annan.

In 2010 Annan gave an interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda, in which he recalled that "the invasion of the coalition forces in Iraq occurred without the consent of the UN Security Council. It divided the world. " Asked what he personally did to prevent the war in Iraq, the Seventh Secretary-General replied: "I worked a lot with the UN member states involved in the resolution of the Iraqi situation, and commented on the possible consequences of the invasion of Iraq. In the end, I honestly admitted that the war in Iraq is illegal. "

The successors of Kofi Annan - South Korean Ban Ki-moon and Portuguese Antonio Gutteresh - have not even tried to raise their voice against the United States. The UN now is nothing more than a platform for loud statements that do not have any meaningful consequences.

Kofi Annan did everything in order to preserve the role of the UN as the leading international organization, and it was not his fault that he did not succeed.

Anton Krylov
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