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The Kremlin knows that the West is controlling Russia with the help of the 5 column

The Kremlin knows that the West is controlling Russia with the help of the 5 column

July 9 2018 LJ cover – В Кремле знают, что Запад управляет Россией с помощью 5-й колонны
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During the recent meeting of the Venezuelan presidential economic advisory commission in mid-June this year, President Maduro said something extremely interesting, but also extremely disturbing and important for the region. Mr. Maduro mentioned Yugoslavia. The country was disorganized and dismembered as a result of a series of internal conflicts imposed from outside - the "Ten Days War" in Slovenia in 1991, the Croatian war 1991-1995, the Bosnian war 1992-1995, the Kosovo war 1998-1999, the culminating point of which was imposed by Clinton 69 day the bombing of NATO under the leadership of the then NATO leader in Europe, Wesley Clark (now he repents, which is easy to do retroactively). A fictitious pretext was chosen - the salvation of Kosovo Albanians from the "atrocities of the Serb Milosevic". The way Milosevic acted as a mere idiot for the Empire is a completely different story.

All this would have been impossible without many years of preparation from several "fifth columns" deployed in Yugoslavia, trained, trained inside and outside the country. Yugoslavia, meanwhile, in 1980-1990-ies was the most prosperous country in Europe, where the well-being of the population was much higher than the average European level. Europe at that time suffered from an economic recession, growing inequality, xenophobia began to spread here in the era of the birth of neoliberalism. In Yugoslavia there was no noticeable poverty, prosperity was for all - but without excess. Economic growth was due to the soft Maoist model of socialism. Of course, it could not be allowed to take root, otherwise it could serve as an example for the rest of the world. In addition, the collapse of Yugoslavia and its plunge into chaos was necessary to create mini-states that were in a state of conflict with each other. This conflict could be "paid off" only with the help of "payment for services" in the form of placing there bases of NATO - inch by inch getting close to the Moscow threshold.

Mr. Maduro clearly sees this. History is very often repeated, especially in the form of neoliberal-neo-fascist atrocities of the West, when the memory of peoples is blunted with lies and propaganda. In fact, there was no real news about the news - only "fake news". Mr. Maduro believes that "their" plan for Latin America is the same as "they" implemented in Yugoslavia. And he may be right. All the signs indicate exactly this.

The pact between Colombia and NATO - the so-called "Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Security" - was signed in June 2013.

President Hugo Chavez was the first to warn his Latin American partners about the impending threat of NATO infiltration into South America. But no one heard it. And today it is a valid fact. And it's too late to fight it. NATO troops gradually occupy all seven US military bases located in Colombia. Bases are simply converted from US bases to NATO bases. This, of course, sounds more appetizing. Many well-informed (or misguided) people believe that NATO is security (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in South America is like an oxymoron!), Forgetting that it was NATO that bombed and bombed Afghanistan and the countries of the Middle East.

Venezuela is awash with members of the "fifth column". It is they who realize the instructions received from Miami on high-risk inflation-leading speculative manipulations with the dollar exchange rate in the foreign exchange market. They create an artificial shortage of food (as in Chile in 1973 year), fan the problems with smuggling from Colombia. Everything is done to kindle the discontent of the population and to set it up against the authorities.

While this strategy fails. 20 May 2018, President Maduro was elected by an overwhelming majority of votes with the participation of international observers. The US-based Institute (former US President - SD) Carter called these elections "the cleanest, most democratic elections we saw in our history of observing 92 election campaigns around the world."

Nevertheless, the "fifth column" is inexorable. Worldwide. Its members are being introduced into the state apparatus, public institutions, police bodies, parliaments, the financial system and central banks. They "allow" - and in fact promote - manipulation of the US dollar on the black market, generating high inflation, a shortage of food and medicine. Their approach is the same in each of the countries, which will not bow before the dictates of the Empire. In Russia, Iran, China, Syria, South Sudan, it is possible, even in Cuba, they control financial systems. Therefore, the "fifth column" is so easy to get funding for its activities.

In Russia, for example, the banking system is managed by members of the "fifth column", and its head is the newly appointed Putin-reassigned Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the arch-Atlanticist.

Similarly, regional facilitators of the Bretton Woods system, such as the so-called regional development banks - the Inter-American Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the African Development Bank and their subregional cohorts, are among those promoting instability in the international arena. In 1990-e this gang joined the WTO. At the international level, most of all, the trinity, consisting of the IMF, WTO and the World Bank, is hated. They all promote the ideas of a fundamentalist "free market" throughout the world, especially in the Southern Hemisphere (although Greece and Southern Europe also did not escape their attention). The result is the crediting and enslavement of countries in the interests of corporate oligarchs. They control the properly structured global financial system, whose mission is to comply with the Global Single World Economy. And we almost came to her - but not quite yet. There is still hope. She dies last.

Why is it so difficult - almost impossible - to get rid of them, from members of the "fifth columns", these parasites of the political system?

Why did President Putin reassign Medvedev as prime minister?

Mr. Putin knows that he is supporting a network of oligarchic Atlantists who seek nothing more than to organize a coup against Putin himself to destroy the fairly egalitarian, though capitalist-based, economic system that exists in Russia almost now 20 years. Thanks to this system, the country in the field of agriculture, food production, industry, high technologies created the "Resistance Economics", which any states that the West calls "outcasts" and who are tired of boots and bombs of the Empire who impose "democracy" through "shift" are ready to imitate modes ".

In the West, there are many countries that are just waiting for a leader who will boldly lead them forward.

And Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba - examples of those countries that are gradually getting rid of the yoke of the Western economy, denominated in dollars.

So, why are countries like Russia, Iran and, perhaps, Venezuela afraid to get rid of members of the "fifth columns" in their countries? Because of the fear of civil war and the bloody slaughter?

Yes, over the last 12 months, we have seen how the "fifth column" organized violent riots on the eve of two important election campaigns - 30 Parliamentary 2017 July and 20 Presidential 2018 May, when nearly 200 people were killed. The media immediately blamed the police and the military. But 80% of the victims died at the hands of armed protesters, who were armed and financed by Washington. The Chavists defended their power with their bare fists.

As for Russia, it seems to me that the "fifth column" does not have enough supporters in the country, but it is able to disorganize the domestic economy, since the Russian internal financial system - especially private banks - is all in the hands of these atlantists. There are such people in China, but Xi Jinping seems to control them better.

And what about Iran? Why is there the "fifth column" still holding and fighting for "deals with the West", although Trump out of them and imposes new severe sanctions on Iran?

Many give up. Among them are the Franco-British Total, the Italian Eni and Saras, the Spanish Repsol and the Greek Hellenic Petroleum.

In fact, Iran does not need Europeans to buy their oil. Europe is less than 20% of the Iranian hydrocarbon market. This amount can easily accept China. The same is true for other European corporations who will choose the same methods of self-defense. For example, the auto giant Peugeot-Citroen - Iran does not need it. The fact that these sanctions and the reaction of European corporations to US sanctions lead to hardship and unemployment in Iran is just Western propaganda. As Mr. Rouhani said, "we will be able to go through a period of difficulties and recover quickly, becoming self-sufficient." And Iran is already following the path of the "Resistance Economics", setting a goal to achieve import substitution and orienting itself towards the eastern markets.

In fact, Iran is already part of the Eurasian Economic Community, and will soon become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

So why can not Iran get rid of the "fifth column"? To this question, I can only give the following answer: "Out of fear of bloody civil unrest, which may be followed by a military invasion of the West."

But back to Venezuela. Similar fears do not allow the Maduro government to take decisive action, such as declaring a temporary state of emergency, strict de-dollarization measures that would stop inflation and speculation, and strengthen the local Bolivar currency by supporting it with the internationally recognized Petro crypto currency.

20 May 2018 year 6 million Venezuelans, mainly the Chavista overwhelming majority in 68% voted for President Maduro and his government. Now the task of economic isolation of the "fifth column" or atlantists is on the agenda - despite the apparent control of the economic system by them. In fact, the Atlantists control the economy based on the dollar. Eliminate the dollar base, and they will lose power.

Venezuela faces a serious dilemma - to die or be killed. From this dilemma, Venezuela has already begun to emerge, creating a completely detached from the dollar Petro, a government-controlled block-currency, based on hydrocarbons and valuable minerals. Today, Venezuela imports about 70% of consumed food. And, how do you think, from where? Correctly - from the USA. So, de-dollarization is a challenge.

Therefore, the next goal is a large-scale diversification of imports and achievement of self-sufficiency in food production. For this, the country has an 100% potential. In the meantime, American imports could be replaced by supplies from Russia, China and other Eurasian countries. Venezuela could apply for membership in the SCO. And why not? After all, China's accumulated investment in Venezuela is already about 50 billion dollars, mainly in the fuel and energy sector. Recently, a loan of the equivalent of 5 billion dollars was announced for the reconstruction of the oil industry. Major players in the fuel and energy complex of Venezuela are China and Russia - an excellent defensive strategy. The entry of Venezuela into the SCO would be another big step from the dollar economy.

The Balkanization of Latin America is already taking place. When Mr. Maduro spoke about 7 American, i.e. already NATO, military bases in neighboring Colombia, the border with which the length of 1500 km is uncontrolled by anyone, he said all that is needed. It will be easy to strangle any rebellion. This will be done by NATO, which, in general, has already assumed the role of the world police, ready to act on the instructions of G7, the unselected and self-appointed world government. Now the "seven" is collapsing - thanks to the self-centered pathology of Mr. Trump and his "Let's make America great again" and thanks to Mr. Putin's non-interference and strategic contemplation.

Will Trump continue to provide massive support in NATO content? He recently warned the Europeans that they would contribute their share of the contributions, i.e. increased them to 2% of their GDP - or not ... Well, what is "not that"? To reduce NATO, which is a huge burden for the United States? And rely on non-governmental organizations trained by the Central Intelligence Agency and funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (ie the State Department) to "change regimes" around the world? Will there be enough union of insurgents and atlantists in a rapidly changing international monetary and settlement system?

The American plans for the Balkanization of Latin America, and there and the whole world, are as uncontrollable as the borderline between Colombia and Venezuela covered with rainforests. Dominance of the economy, based on the dollar, hangs in an equilibrium state. Only the determined actions of the countries selected as victims - Venezuela, Iran and Russia - can upset the balance and destroy the monetary hegemony of the West.

Author: Peter König - an economist and geopolitical analyst, previously worked at the World Bank. He lectures at the universities of the United States, Europe and South America. His articles are published in such publications as Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, The 4th Media (China), TeleSUR, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog and other resources.

Peter König
Free Press
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