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In the US, they found an alternative to "Russian intervention"

In the US, they found an alternative to "Russian intervention"

August 1 2018
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Donald Trump once again stated that he had no collusion with Russia - against the backdrop of the ongoing campaign in the United States to find the mythical "Russian intervention" in the election of 2016. Although it is impossible to find evidence of Russia's influence on US elections and politics, there are many real examples of how other countries, in particular Israel, interfere in US domestic politics.

Already a year and a half in the United States are looking for a "Russian trace" in the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential election - without actually finding anything at all. Nevertheless, most Americans were able to convince that Russia was trying to influence the process of their will, and even Trump himself was forced to finally agree that "Russia was trying" - in the hope of at least somehow to bring down the heat of passion.

However, Trump did not attack less of this - because the "Russian theme" is needed not to treat Russia, but to discredit, and even better, the president's removal from office. Trump still hopes that by the end of the year, after the congressional elections, the witch-hunt will still decline, at least special prosecutor Müller will finish his work, which will give the president greater freedom of action both inside the country and in the US-Russian relations. However, whenever the "Russian saga" is over, it is already clear that it has caused enormous damage to the American political system as such - or, to be more precise, it has become a testament to its deep systemic crisis.

After all, if, based on unproven and groundless accusations of links with a foreign power, one can in fact partially block the activities of the head of state, then presidential powers are illegally limited. At the same time, the atmosphere of spy mania beats not only on Trump himself, but also on the system of separation of powers - taking away all three branches of government and the media as the fourth power, into a parallel, fictitious reality in which "terrible Putin threatens American democracy, interferes in US internal affairs" . When all this contrived plot collapses, the American elite will need to somehow explain to its people why it deceived him so much time. Is it possible only to prevent Trump from realizing what was intended to "drain the Washington swamp," that is, to reduce the power of the nonpartisan bunch of politicians, bureaucrats and financial magnates, that same "shadow state"?

In this case, cases of real foreign interference in the internal affairs of the United States are

- and their proofs do not even need to be looked for. This applies not only to the lobbying activities of various states in Washington - it is allowed by American laws - but also various donations to electoral and other political funds. Yes, they are issued through all sorts of loopholes - but this does not change the essence: American politicians willingly take foreign money. In the same Clintons, many such donations have been found in their fund, including from very dark faces - but all attempts to inflate this big scandal to nothing led.

However, there is even more obvious interference of foreigners - and about it recently reminded Noam Chomsky. 89-year-old professor, world-famous linguist and guru of the American left, does not belong to the supporters of Trump - on the contrary, he is his consistent opponent. But the ideological opponent is like a libertarian, a socialist and an anarchist. Therefore, criticizing Trump, Chomsky does not stop criticizing the American establishment as such, and its methods.

In this recent interview with Democracy Now, Chomsky described as a laughing-stock the focus of the American media on the alleged Russian interference of 2016.

Once again accusing the American media of focusing on secondary issues and ignoring such, in his opinion, the most important issues as climate change, Chomsky said:

"First of all, if you are interested in foreign interference in our elections, then everything that the Russians may have done is almost not considered, almost does not draw the scales in comparison with what the other state is doing openly, shamelessly and with huge support."

Who is the professor talking about? Of course, about Israel - whose policy he has long criticized. And in this case he does not exaggerate at all:

"Israel's interference in the elections in the US is colossally greater than anything the Russians probably did, I mean, even to the extent that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu comes directly to Congress without even informing the president and speaks with Congress, under deafening applause to try to undermine the president's policy: what happened to Obama and Netanyahu in 2015. "

Chomsky, as an example of Israeli intervention, does not even bring the influence of Israeli lobbyists to the American authorities (but it surpasses the influence of any other country in the world), but a case of direct pressure from the Israeli leadership. Indeed, three years ago, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu flew to Washington not only did not meet with Barack Obama, but also made a speech in the US Congress against the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program - which was already close to signing. That is, the leader of a foreign country openly agitated (and it is clear that in parallel and squeezed through various legal and informal mechanisms) one of the branches of power to oppose the policy of another.

"Did Putin come to address the Congress at a meeting of both chambers, trying to encourage them to deploy the US course to 180 degrees without even informing the president? - Chomsky asks - And this is only a small grain of this overwhelming influence. "

Indeed, the topic of Israeli influence on American politics belongs to the category of non-judged people in the United States - it is immediately possible to get a label of an anti-Semite (on Chomsky, a Jew by nationality, he has been hung up for a long time). Meanwhile, there is no doubt that the Israeli influence on the United States is unprecedentedly great - so much that there is virtually no known and systematic (and not systemic before Trump, in fact, there was) an American politician who could afford, for example, to question the very need for such close ties between the two countries: he will immediately be branded and destroyed by the press. The fact that an impressive part of the American press is in the hands of Jewish tycoons is also considered an unacceptable topic for discussion and, all the more, explanation of the reasons for Israel's immense influence on American politics, thus creating a vicious circle of silence about the theme "The United States and Israel."

But maybe the reason is that the American establishment does not in fact consider Israel independent and separate from the US state? Then it is clear that there can be no question of any interference on his part in the internal affairs of the United States, for example, a simple mezhdusoboychik. A different matter is Russia. A foreign, independent from the US power - she can not even think about influencing the American political class. What, she did not think? Well, what does it matter now - they will still talk about Russia and keep silent about Israel.

Peter Akopov
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