Today: February 16 2019
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The Yankees again got into a puddle!

The Yankees again got into a puddle!

August 17 2018 LJ cover – Янки снова сели в лужу!
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Today, the struggle that Turkey, the steel nucleus of the Islamic world, was waging with the imperialists a century ago, and which was interrupted with the conclusion of the Lausanne Peace Treaty, was resumed at full speed.

This time the attack does not come from the British, the French, the Italians or the Russians, but from the United States, who seem to be our ally, who have taken up the flag of these countries.

That is, Turkey is not the first in history to oppose the imperialist forces alone.

Only now the Crusader alliance seems to be very far from building an alliance against Turkey.

In addition to such Muslim countries as Indonesia, Pakistan, Lebanon, Qatar and Iran, Turkey is supported by such players as Russia, Germany, China and Italy. In this support, which mostly comes from the requirements of real politics, in the foreground, of course, is the concern of different countries about protecting their interests.

Without Turkey, there can be a heavy blow to the political and social stability of Asian countries and European players, especially their energy security. Because Turkey, with its geographical position and political will, which it now possesses, acts as an indicator in all global hegemonistic aspirations along the axis north-south and west-east.


The destabilization of Turkey will involve the involvement in the chaos of energy basins extending from Morocco to the Persian Gulf, from the Caspian Sea to Yemen. Therefore, any attack on Turkey entails a collective reaction of all other players. Just as the Western world panicked during the airplane crisis that arose in relations with Russia 24 November 2015, now the likelihood of an even greater escalation of tensions between the US and Turkey has mobilized Russia and China together with Europe.

Consequently, the world sees that the economic attack on Turkey is due not so much to Trump's personal preference, but to the new US search for global domination. This is the main motive for Turkey's support ...

In addition, it is impossible to deny the influence of the fact that Turkey is a tough nut to crack.


On the other hand, the world is already well-versed and strong enough not to fall for US tricks for distraction and their "cowboy politics" based on the whip. So, Europe, China and Russia are equally resolute against the American strategy of encirclement not only against Turkey, but also Iran, Venezuela, Pakistan. Everyone understands what is happening.

In this regard, the reason for the US's hysterical attacks on Turkey can not be explained by "evangelical prejudices".

This is a simplified and obsolete approach.

The fact that Turkey has recently become a target, can be explained by two reasons.

The first is a panic that arose in the United States, like the "desperate thief who attacks the master", against the backdrop of detentions of participants in the espionage network involved in the treacherous attempt of a coup d'etat 15 July 2016 and further expansion of this process. That is, in the basis of the US position in a sense lies the fear of being caught red-handed.

The second and more fundamental reason is that Turkey in its plans for Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Syria pursues an independent policy and does not bend a neck to the US.

And this is what the US really cares about.

But the world sees that the Yankees will not be able to bend the resisting Turkey.

Therefore, already now in the international media and social networks, the comments are gaining popularity in the spirit of "like 15 in July 2016 year, the Yankees again took a puddle."

Berjan Tutar (Bercan Tutar), Sabah, Turkey
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