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"Family friend…"

"Family friend…"

24 2018 June LJ cover – «Друг семьи…»

(Started and unfinished "novel")
O woman, you name is treachery!

Acquaintance with a woman is always exciting. With a woman who fell in love with at first sight, with the first word, with the first breath nearby. Even more exciting is the event when a woman is married. Some incomprehensible intrigue, some kind of fascinating risk. As if the forbidden fruit is before you, but it is he who asks in your hands-try, he is sweeter than all the ripe fruits that are around you.

Exciting a hundred times, when you see the calling look of this woman, when you feel how she beckons you, every movement of hands, eyes, lips! Says it, I'm yours, take me!

Secret meetings, secret love. She comes to you and you worry, but will not the neighbors see? After all, the city is so small that everyone knows each other. And everyone considers it their duty to share what they see. And the neighbors usually see what they hide carefully ... And now your secret is at risk of being uncovered-about horror! She, a married woman meets with another man, as it is not good. And it does not matter to anyone that this is love, that it is a passion for which you risk, for which you forget about the whole white world! Sometimes, when you meet at an agreed place somewhere on the road, you rush into the back seat of her car so that no one sees and you rush to another city to be more free to stay together, to love, love and love! But you always understand that there will come a time when the secret will still become obvious ... And she, your secret woman, your married woman understands this.

Her brain, her intuition probably works more inventively and then there are stories in case the husband finds her in your presence somewhere on the street, in a cafe or her car. Then there are options for explaining your presence in her life for everyone else, and first of all for her husband, who if not himself, then from "kind" friends-neighbors learns about your connection. The options are few, but they are reinforced! Basically it can be a "business partner", meetings with which are necessary and explainable to anyone! There is another interesting explanation for everyone around and it works. Over time, you become for others "a friend of the family" according to your woman.

"A friend of the family ..." So you live secretly, excitingly, plunging into forbidden love, which excites blood, tickles your nerves ... the forbidden sweet fruit.

Years pass by. And in the city where you live the husband of this woman is accustomed to that the wife has a "business partner", with whom she sometimes must meet and even more, even travel to neighboring cities to meetings on her work. And in the city, her friends and friends are accustomed to this man, the other man in her life is a "family friend", not a husband ... husband is at home, thank God, with the children ...

Years pass and you suddenly begin to notice that your beloved woman is already more free. She has friends with whom she likes to visit at least once a week in some nightclubs. Like a bachelorette party for one or two friends, a little divorced or a little married, like your woman. But not with you, but with friends she likes to visit these nightclubs where people come to relax, flirt slightly and maybe "fall in love" for a little while and without commitment. The club world is relaxed and free! The club world does not oblige to anything, it's a rest, it's a completely different life ... slightly frivolous, and therefore without any claims to questions! The local press periodically illuminates in its publications the events taking place in such clubs: the arrival of a new musician, fashion party, a party on the topic, parties without a theme. And of course the mass of photoreports about what is happening is a brilliance in the full scope of the club world! Gloss of photos and faces!

And suddenly you notice that the same male face flashes next to your beloved woman. In different clubs, at different parties, but the same face and it is closer and closer to your beloved. Oh, these photographers, they all see and notice!

And now the moment has come when you already want to ask, and what is this character next to your beloved woman? Apparently, he became so close and close that even photographers noticed this! Or maybe they did not notice, but on their photo reports your woman in the mass of the club audience is not so much with her friends as with this man! Seeking to satisfy your curiosity, given that you are bound by the years spent together, the years of love, let the secret from everyone, but your love. Years fixed in vows of loyalty and devotion, when you already know that this is only your woman and you are only her man! In the next meeting you ask a simple simple question, with a request to explain, and who is the man who recently more and more often with your woman spends time in nightclubs? And you get the answer ...

This is a "friend of the family" ... a real "friend" ...

Very strange and contradictory emotions at the moment when you hear this answer ... A state of anxiety, confusion, jealousy and despair ... "A friend of the family ..." Has a new "family friend" appeared in the life of your beloved woman? Or is it in your own life a "friend of the family" has appeared? This can not be a "business partner", because you yourself have not yet become her husband (only in plans, in thoughts). So it means exactly "a friend of the family"! So she explained to you the presence of another man next to her in nightclubs ...

Everything returns to normal, as they say. Once you were a "business partner" and "a friend of the family". Now this person has come into your life ... "A friend of the family ..."

And did you wait for someone else?

Perhaps I will finish my story on this from the secular life of a small town. It could be in any small town of our planet where very beautiful people live, where the morning starts with the sun, and at night the moon comes and the city lights up with the lights of another life-night! This same started and unfinished "novel" ...

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