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Stages of democracy development in Russia

Stages of democracy development in Russia

4 2018 June LJ cover – Этапы развития демократии в России

Stage one: full PPC - Gorbachev

The first, but surely - sober steps.

Introduction of the "dry law".

Disappearance of all food products from store shelves, except for sea kale and the introduction of cards for the purchase of essential goods.

Law on Cooperation and Commercialization. The appearance of stalls and pavilions on every square meter of the earth, selling foreign goods of unknown origin.

Gradual closing of factories and factories, the collapse of agriculture.

Death from the use of a windshield wiper, glue BF and antistatic agent "Lana-2".

Issue of "vouchers", which made it possible to take away what the people did not own, but the state ceased to own.

The emergence of the first "sex shops" and nightly strip clubs all over the country. The state offered spectacles instead of bread.

The emergence of ideologists of all stripes, and even more healers and magicians on all-Russian television channels. Alan Chumak charges the whole day with water, and Kashpirovsky offers to touch his forehead to the center of the TV screen and you will be happy.

Spiritual and enlightening "food" is replaced by obscurantism. The flourishing of unknown sects, religions, false teachings.

The final stage of the first stage of the development of democracy: when the ship sinks, the rats leave it first.

Decree on the withdrawal of Russia from the USSR, and the rest of the freedom of will.

Stage two: the final PPC - Yeltsin

The heyday of democracy, you can pribuhavat.

And to steal on - large, and on - small to get to prison.

In shops and in the markets everything is there, there is not only a salary for the working class and even cards for products of first necessity.

A new stratum of the population of the Russian Federation appeared - "zakkadyshi", people living outside the Moscow ring road.

Finally, Moscow and the rest of the state were formed.

There was a stormy nightlife all over the country and a gloomy day, in search of funds for a night life.

The profession of a prostitute has become more in demand. The casino and strip clubs joyfully pulsed in the night cities by neon.

The country looked like a "country of fools" from a fairy tale about Pinocchio: five guilders planted in the ground brought in twenty-five or more growth. But the factories and plants were everywhere closed and sold into private hands, which completely destroyed them. That's how five guilders, buried in the ground, grew up.

Education could now not be received, but bought. What was bearing fruit in the form of "experts" of developing democracy.

The State Duma was slowly filled with actors and actors, singers and musicians, writers and poets, sportsmen of heavy sports, like boxing and wrestling, blond stars of central television ... and these were all deputies, "elected" people. Many with a college education. Professional politicians slowly died out under the influence of democracy.

A new generation of managers was formed-democratic.

Time passed and the state gradually collapsed, decayed, became more democratic ...

The second stage of the development of democracy could be dragged on for a long time if the third did not come ...

Stage Three: Putin

"They plunged the country into chaos, into the collapse of the economy and the social sphere, into a civil war with huge sacrifices. What for. Apparently those who blurt colored revolutions, consider themselves brilliant artists and can not stop at all. "

"There are people who have a passport of a Russian citizen, but they act in the interests of other states ... Then I want to say: Come to me, banderlogists!"

"... Maybe our bear needs to sit quietly, do not drive piglets and gilts in the taiga, but eat berries, honey. Maybe he will be left alone? They will not leave, because they will always strive to put him on a chain. And as soon as you manage to put on a chain, they will pull out both their teeth and claws. In today's understanding, these are the forces of nuclear deterrence. Once, God forbid, it will happen, and the bear is not needed, so the taiga will be immediately cleaned. After all, we almost heard from officials many times that it is unfair that Siberia, with its immeasurable wealth, all belongs to Russia. How unfair? And to get rid of Mexico, Texas - that's fair. And the fact that we are managing our own land, it is unfair, it is necessary to distribute. And then, after this, as soon as claws and teeth are pulled out, then the bear is not needed at all. A scarecrow will be made from it, that's all. "

"Maybe the bull is not allowed. But the bear will not ask permission. He is considered to be the owner of the taiga. He is not going to move to other climatic zones, he is uncomfortable there. But he will not give up the taiga. "

"Russia is a self-sufficient country. External pressure only consolidates our society, does not allow us to relax. "

There is hope, but not democracy.

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