Today: February 17 2019
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And every time slices of phrases

And every time the pieces of phrases (ironic humor)

3 2018 June LJ cover – И каждый раз кусочки фраз

Ay, yes Pushkin ...
(The news of Volochkova's arrival in Northern Cyprus for children)

Children came running into the hut
In a hurry to get ready for school:
"Father! Auntie! our networks
Dragged to Volochkov! ".
"Lie, lie, bezhenyata -
His father grumbled at them; -
Oh, these guys are really fucking me!
There will be you too pipets!


Auguste Rodin ...

And again in meditation, again Zen,
This office (WC), as my teacher.
From where Auguste Rodin knew,
That I'm in the shower a little bit of a thinker ...


Birthday of Omar Khaimah, 18.05

You can be in life and stubborn,
Your forehead is like hardness to stones,
And your thought is a tangled ball.
But you are not great. And not Omar Khayyam.


About Chapayev.

He with a sword, resting on a horse saddle,
Our team is legendary, not someone.
But every village, every town and village,
This remembers a lot of jokes.


About it:
What, forgive "ass" tolerance?
(the phrase of my friends)

And you can not say better or worse,
And do not bend, and do not stand upright.
Life is so cruel and squeezed already,
But the tolerance behind is so stubborn.



Brought to the USSR "Fantômas".
The ticket office is bursting from the people.
Well and someone on a muzzle to pull on stockings,
The first time in the store breaks locks,
Leaving a note for everyone every time:
"It was Fantômas."


17-t of moments ...
(almost a movie)

Stirlitz or Mueller? Smirking crooked,
After the party, with thoughts cracking,
"Muller" does not help. Zhigulevskaya beer
And of course Astrakhan bream.


We are not slaves, we are not slaves.
(from the school curriculum)
We are not cattle, we are not cattle.
But if the cats said ...
Alas, but the cats are mute.


Ass - a fool.
(the phrase parasite)

And how much you can hear all the same,
When you are told from age to age,
As it seems to him, with the smartest face,
Maybe even somewhere a person.


In the yard there is an angry dog.
(inscription on the gate)

I read and winced, and my eyelids flinched.
My voice died and my eyes narrowed.
I knew - the dog is a friend to man!
So who is it written about now?


For sale.

And there is no release on the offer market,
Everything is sold from century to century.
God forbid me to read this:
"For Sale, Discount, Man" ...

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