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Oh, this internet

Oh, this internet

August 22 2018 LJ cover – Ох уж этот интернет

(from the unsaid)

Something happened. Hearing the truth, people begin to furiously defend the lie. Hearing a lie, they are happy to share their impressions.


The "pyramid", like any "scam" has one positive component - it is believed.


You are offered a helping hand not to drag you into the abyss of trouble, but in order that you might be saved.


When going to BP, do not look for a company on the ground. Your company is already there.


On the pages of social networks, the love of dogs again beats all ratings. Maybe the words of the classic are confirmed: the more I recognize people, the more I love dogs? But sometimes I think that these people are either full of love for "our lesser brothers", or are deeply unhappy.


Idiocy or heroism. One "star" decided to hold a photo session on the roof of a high-rise building in bad weather and ice. During the shooting she slipped, fell down the stairs, hit her head and received a concussion.

The media is delighted that this lady is not afraid of difficulties.

Interestingly, before she did not hit her head? And the media?


Again and again the theme of children. But how much it is terrible on the pages of the world's Internet: pedophilia, and how to legitimize it, lowering the sexual age from 16 years to 6-8. One girl in confusion can not understand how this man has not two sexes, but six ...

Where does all this come from? What is not enough for adults? And on wars one another is killed, and deceived at every turn, and the streets go out, in which the mother gave birth, and drugs have been legalized in almost all countries. What else is needed? The souls of our young children? Their pure hearts and bright thoughts?

Then who are we, adults? Then what is our name, if not a person?


Women! Our grandmothers and mothers! Our sisters and our daughters! Living in social networks of different formats, writing their comments and posts on the pages of these social networks! Sometimes break away from the screens of your gadgets, go to the mirror and you will see a woman there! And maybe you will see a man next to him, and not a goat, which you sometimes write about. But do not see, it means that your man is somewhere near, he is coming to you!


More and more hatred on the pages of social networks. Someone does not like America, somebody is Russia, somebody is Europe, and somebody is Asia. Someone does not like Orthodoxy, but some one is Muslim. Someone and something more and more does not like.

People, love yourself! Love so sincerely that you yourself do not have enough in life! Love yourself so that falling asleep in the evening, you already missed yourself until the morning!

And then the world will love you, and then you will love the world!

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