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In the wake of conversations

In the wake of conversations

11 2018 June LJ cover – По следам разговоров

In social networks, there are so many teachers of life and gurus ...

When he began to assemble the cupboard without reading the assembly instructions, I realized that this is a guru.

When, at the end of the assembly, he slapped his hand in satisfaction at the assembled cupboard, and he collapsed, I realized that it was a kung fu master.


Useful or profitable?

Yes, I'm sorry commentator, whose words about the benefits of communication puzzled me, and more upset. An adult, a man in the life, said:

"..." the benefit "is also to use someone, something ... then it's not about love ... I have first love, and then benefit and even benefit ... if there is no contact, nothing in favor of . "

"I have love first" ...

"And then the benefits, and even benefits" ...

In the beginning, love, and then even benefit, that is the use of love, as a feeling for the benefit. Using someone ...

Benefit. What a sad word.

Pleasure, pleasure, love, all this fades in the darkness of the word "catch" ... Pleasure is useful, pleasure is useful, love is also, it means good. Benefit from communication. And if in all this there is only a benefit, then what is the use of all this? And if at first love, and then still benefit, then what kind of love is it? This is hypocrisy!
What completely different people. Someone communicates with the benefit of each other and someone communicates, only guided by the benefits.

And if we talk about the benefits of communication, listening to the interlocutor, who says something with love to you, I start to wonder sometimes: does he really love me and it is useful or is it beneficial?

But these are just my thoughts. Maybe the comment was not about that.


Today in sotsseti I read this thought:

"There are people like a mountain river, but there are people like a swamp ... And you can not help ... just escape from them ... to live on ..."

(overworked ...) "

Precisely sore when this is read.

I tried to answer:

"There are people ... and there are rivers and swamps! Let you meet people even when you run away! "

Let the river remain a river, and a swamp-swamp. Not a man, like a river or a swamp, but a man, like a man. We are all different in nature and we can be compared to anyone, with anything. But if there is no man in man, then you met only with a river or with a swamp. Meet with people in whom a person is alive, so as not to hurt and you will be happy!


Recently and quite by accident I had to talk about euthanasia.

Help: Euthanasia (from Greek εὖ - good + θάνᾰτος - death) - the practice of ending the life of a person suffering from an incurable disease experiencing unbearable suffering.

The person with whom I spoke about this did not argue, but only shared his opinion about this. He was in favor of such a decision to die in the circumstances. I could not support him, as an Orthodox man. But to argue, and to convince of anything did not.

I know what unbearable suffering is. But at some point I imagined a fantastic (or maybe not) situation, when me, a healthy and sensible person, some people decide to kill. They come to me and make it clear by their actions that there are still seconds left for me to live, that they are ready to take my life. I imagined what thoughts would start to flash in my head, in my soul. And more than that, I imagined how at this moment I will want to live very painfully and terribly, I want to stay alive. I experienced all the horror of this fantasy in a second and understood only one thing-no pain, no unbearable suffering, no incurable disease can apply to itself "practice the cessation of a person's life," euthanasia.

I know what pain is, when you do not want to live, as they say at that moment. But I also know what life is, when you do not want to die.

Unbearable suffering can be alleviated medically. Killing a man, supposedly for "good" purposes, you will live with this unbearable suffering in your heart all your life.

Sometimes people in the rush of their spiritual weakness, in lack of will, ask the Lord of death to save them from the suffering of physical, and sometimes moral ones. If people heard the Lord, they would hear this:

"I did not send you to earth to show mercy like death."

When someone kills us healthy and healthy, it's scary, it's murder.

When they want to use euthanasia for us sick and suffering, it's even more terrible and this is also a murder.

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