Today: February 16 2019
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Today is happy. Yesterday sadly

Today is happy. Yesterday sadly

July 6 2018 LJ cover – Сегодня радостно. Вчера уныло

And something somehow that's not having fun
In the morning.
Want to get drunk?
Is it time?
A smile on my sullen face
It can not be.
It's almost noon,
And she is so lazy.
The eyes are completely empty,
Like a desert.
In them, and not joy, not sadness,
It's a pity…
And they look into the void,
Not seeing the beauty
No answer.
Looking around
What is next,
I do not find fun,
As with a hangover.
But I did not drink yesterday.
Or maybe the heat,
Since morning so excruciates,
When is not the sun and the moon better?
Or maybe it's a night dream
Does not want to disturb peace
Is it dark at night?
Or maybe the room is empty,
Asking a simple question,
Saying hello,
Did not receive an answer?
Everything can be and everything can be,
But does not worry
For some reason, something
One woke up in the morning,
As woke up.
But probably falling asleep
Yesterday, without knowing,
That the dream will be so deep,
And the morning is lonely
Only because, as a reproach,
I was alone yesterday.
And let go ...
Thought this cute
And the muzzle broke into a smile,
A joyous mistake,
What prevented me from falling asleep
Though with someone!
And slept sweetly
With anybody has got,
And with the night under the moon,
Which was with me.
And her tender embraces,
And not curse
Deceived hopes
And the rude words of ignoramuses.
And now cheers
Since morning!
And here is the mood,
As luck.
In comparison of what was:
Today is happy. Yesterday was gloomy.

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