Today: February 16 2019
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I have today

I have today

July 11 2018 LJ cover – У меня сегодня

I have no urine today
Speak talented speech.
And look into unscrupulous eyes,
Kindling a fiery candle.

I have this night tonight
There was no dream of meeting.
I could not sleep, but I really wanted to sleep.
The night did not go, and the evening dragged on.

My brain does not want today,
There is no desire and no desire for anything.
Do not write, do not talk. In short,
Do not love and do not hold on to the shoulders.

At me today, by the way,
The heart heals the soul with his knock.
The thought of filling, bleeding,
Strengthened with strength, splashed with pain.

I have today, in a word,
Linking the meaning of thought is stronger.
Filling the void from damage,
Being born again, he does not cry, but whispers.

I have today the memory of the Forerunner,
To start again tomorrow and finish everything.
To remember this evening tomorrow,
To the morning was right after the night.

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