Today: February 22 2019
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In the evening you read, in the morning it is due

In the evening you read, in the morning it is due

23 May 2018 LJ cover – Вечером начитаешься, утром причитается

Today woke up
From the cry of a cock.
And I thought I was at home, in the village.
I went out onto the balcony.
There are women and men.
And I see in Europe, old and ancient.

Well, you must,
This seemed to me just.
Or maybe not? Maybe the truth was shouting?
With him on the balcony,
Smoking, you never argue.
Or maybe when they saw me, they fell silent.

We are somehow invisible
Changed their souls.
Others have become or are not at all the same.
It was easy
Sincerely laughed, listened
Not alone is quiet, but always with everyone.

And somewhere there is shame,
No longer covering our body
And conscience, turning off for a long moment,
A bit more
In life, we let things happen,
And the steel became more evil, and our jokes are more vulgar.

And what an honor,
Which became a burden in life.
And it prevents us from surrendering to idleness,
When we want so much,
But much is not enough for us.
It is not enough for us to remain honest.

We are merciful
In words and only heard.
But if the opinion opposite us is different,
We forget in crying,
And only with anger the evil breathe,
And they are merciful only to themselves with themselves.

And we are humble,
As it seems to us, but for the time being.
And meek, like lambs on the field.
But God forbid,
To us someone will get another kind of tribe,
We'll have a snack, just give us free rein.

Today woke up
From the cry of a cock.
And somewhere far away at a great distance,
I suddenly considered,
As a woman walks next to a man.
And both in humility, in the eyes of repentance.

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