Today: October 15 2018
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Notes of a plastic surgeon (joke)

Notes of a plastic surgeon (joke)

August 14 2018

I looked at her face, made by plastic surgeons, looked at her body, caked by the same people, and asked:

- Girl, what do you have?

She answered without hesitation:

- Passport.


The girl kept asking who she looked like: her mother or her father. She could not answer this question. Papa, she did not remember, my mother broke up with him for a long time. And her mother did not remember how she looked before plastic surgery.


Mantra. If you do not have enough money for plastic surgery, learn how to use photo editors. A good photoshop on social networks will not only raise your self-esteem, but it will also puzzle your fans.


They have been in the social network for several months. She was beautiful and charming. Her photo and her thoughts filled all his consciousness. It's time to meet.

He looked at her and thought:

- How inexorably time flies and how merciless it is to beauty. Yesterday she was beautiful ...


- Doctor, when you corrected my nose, I became a little richer. When you increased my breast, I became even richer. And when you increased my ass, I suddenly became even richer than before.

"So what's the problem, if you came again to me?"

- Doctor, but you can not do something with your head to keep it all?


"Doctor, can I return the original appearance?"

- What for?

- Well, I must have something special in me, in contrast to my girlfriends!


Somewhere far in the open field, among the daisies and cornflowers a plastic surgeon was sitting alone and crying. He was left without work. People began to live on the Internet and use Photoshop.

He looked with longing at the crows flying past, loudly croaking, and thought, and even they could become nightingales.



- Doctor, thank you! When I smile after your operation, I even get boobs! And when I cough, they also jump up and down!


Fairy tale.

Little Red Riding Hood went to the beauty salon on the way to her grandmother.

That's the end of the tale.


The world is changing beyond recognition: the real is becoming more like a virtual one.

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