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13.03.2016 - 22: 49

News of the Week with Dmitri Kiselev from 13.03.16

Emigrant gathering in Vilnius: what do they dream about? Why is it so afraid of the Russian press? And how do people frighten Russia itself? The struggle between good and evil is based on the example of Syria: who are these men from Russia, that make good the good? How did Turkey divorce Europe? And who, in addition to Merkel, believes that Ankara will take all the illegal immigrants back to their homes? Do not notice the violence over thousands of journalists, keep silent about the destruction of Kurds: what else will the European Union close the eyes for a new romance with Turkey? The story of the cameraman Nadezhda Savchenko as the first case of the Maidan murderers, brought to court. Why do Kiev storm troopers arrange a coven at our embassy, ​​and the Americans demand that the defendant be released immediately? Now everyone wants to buy themselves a little bit of Mildronate: how harmless earlier supplements become doping? And who will answer for the sleeping fates of our athletes? Omsk Region: how in Western Siberia they grow record harvests of wheat, breed African ostriches and make heavy rockets.