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01.06.2016 - 22: 54

Mikhail Leontiev: "The Cold War has to be earned"

Why is anti-Russian sanctions should be fixed by law?

Journalist, writer, vice president of "Rosneft"Mikhail Leontievthe great geopolitical game, during the election games and "pod" Kudrin, democracy as a control illusions about the monarchy as a sacred instrument that Russian peace wider Russian ethnos, "Russia - the gendarme of Europe" - is a harbinger of Putin's foreign policy doctrine, why the West genetically loves Russia.

On this and many other things in the "Vision" program toAnastasia St. Michael.

1. The roots of the West's Russophobia.

Russia - the only country in the world that has not been otsivilizovana in a western - violence. That is not subjected to humanitarian intervention west!

The claim to the legacy of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire - a direct legacy of Christianity.

2. The Crimean War - SHAME West.

3. Monarchy. Its sanctity and the inability to force the submission of large mass of the population about its illegitimacy.

4. Synthetically derived Ukrainian ethnicity - both anti-Russian (27: 00)

5. The Cold War - the mode of existence of historical subjects.

6. Why is credited in the West, and not Russian money.

7. Penalties - it FOREVER! Why are sectoral and partial.