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19.11.2013 - 14: 14

BIG GAME - 2 film series Mikhail Leontiev

The film gives an objective understanding of what is actually happening in the Caucasus and the Middle East and who is interested in it. Historical background of 19 century to the current day ...

"The transmission of the centuries-old inconspicuous opposition to the confrontation between the Russian Empire and Great Britain shows how this confrontation and its methods of struggle are similar to the Cold War and to the anti-Russian rhetoric that is now popular in the West.The main battlefield of politicians and diplomats was the Middle East and the Caucasus For a long time ago there was a struggle, for a long time the English helped the Circassians fight against Russia, naturally on the basis of their own interests. Having looked at this program, one can better understand why The Anglo-Saxons were always so afraid and afraid of Russia and its greatness.

Cycle came in 2007 year after the August events 2008 year released a new version - this is the last full version - with a foreword and afterword.

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