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20.11.2013 - 21: 49

Black myths about Russia. From Ivan the Terrible to the present day

Unwashed Russia who taught Europeans to wash. King-bloodsucker who executed hundreds of times fewer people than his English contemporary. Crazy tyrant, in which the Russian army occupied Rome, Corfu and Malta. Dissident defectors who knew what would happen next, better clerks embassy of the order. It is shrouded in Russia and its myths. 400 years of information warfare. Do we know your country, and why the Russian educated person is easier to believe a foreign agent? Try to understand the example of events, which, as we think we know everything. But all of it? And from whose words? Why an information war against Russia began precisely in times of Ivan the Terrible? Information sources from the west sometimes hit the target and in Russia itself. Residents began to believe that it was so bleak and look their past and present. And very few people care that does not converge called foreign compilers toll Novgorod Massacre - 300 thousand, as reported by some authors. And throughout the Novgorod while lived on the strength of 10 thousand people. Domestic history is cluttered with myths of Western origin, created specifically to diminish the Russian history. This film - one of the real attempts to debunk a pack of lies.