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26.03.2014 - 17: 21

Tragedy Galich. Concentration "Talerhof" only Russian

More 100 thousand Galician Ruthenians were physically destroyed by Austria-Hungary in the early twentieth century. Their main wine - devotion to Orthodoxy, all-Russian unity and language. On the territory of the Austrian city of Graz airport in September 1914 years of the Austro-Hungarian authorities created the first concentration camp in Europe. It was intended for residents of the Galician and Ruthenia, who called themselves Rusyns or Russian. During the First World War, the Austrians accused them that they are spies, and subjected to Moscow cruelest repressions. Hundreds of years they lived maintaining their culture, forgetting the Russian language, but the First World War destroyed their people. Austrians with unprecedented cruelty slaughtered innocent people, burned abandoned houses.