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15.12.2015 - 08: 52

Forbidden to be shown on television release BesogonTV

Dear friends. Our team recorded 38 editions of the author's program "Besogon TV". 37 were shown on the channel "Russia 24". Today, ready 38 edition and twelfth of December, he was, as always, go to the channel "Russia 24". Unfortunately, he did not come and did not come, because the channel has banned its showing.

It seems to me important for your understanding to tell and that all the issues of the program were recorded without the financial participation of the channel. The program has always been prepared solely by the forces and resources of the team. Moreover, the channel has never paid any royalties. We did everything on a gratuitous basis. Why did we do this? Because it seemed to us that what we care about, what we are talking about, not only worries us. And as it turned out, this is really so - I get a huge amount of feedback, calls, letters from viewers. And it's not about whether you like or does not like it. Just those problems and topics that we raise in our issues affect millions of people, these are topics that people want to talk about, about which they want to think, which they are interested in and important.

Having more than a year ago a proposal to let our program on the channel, I was assured that the selection of topics and agendas will always be for us, for me as the author of the program. Why did our transmission channel is banned? That's exactly what I would like to clarify with you, dear viewers. Think with me - why ?! What's in this program such that we can not show you - a huge number of Russian television viewers, those who come to the screen where was our transfer. I very much hope that we will this issue with you in any way discuss.

Look here please. Thank you.