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21.12.2015 - 08: 30

The world order. Documentary Vladimir Solovyov

Where seeks peace? What awaits us all? In what will be the future of our children? To answer these questions the authors of the documentary "world order" have turned to the most influential politicians, philosophers, filmmakers, financiers around the world. In the spotlight - an interview of Vladimir Solovyov, taken from one of the protagonists of contemporary world politics - Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"After the press conference, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin returned to his residence, where he expected us. Our group has for several months been working on a film about the new world order, of which seeks a world that awaits us all, in what will be the future of our children - says the filmmaker Vladimir Solovyov. - To find out the answers to these questions, we have traveled many countries, talking with various political leaders. But it was crucial to be able to talk with the president of Russia. There were a few interviews - volume, very emotional, difficult.

It is not easy - because three months elapsed between the start of the project and the time it is completed, there was so many events, how many times does not reach and 30 years of history.

Watch this movie, I think you would be interested. Watch this movie, because we are talking about the future. Watch this film because the people you see every day appear on the screen. See this movie. You will be something to think about. "