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21.11.2017 - 22: 47

BesogonTV "Representing the Victim"

What is behind the Hollywood scandal, when the most famous and titled representatives of the cinema and show business suddenly tell one after another about sexual harassment towards themselves, which were silent for decades? How is this scandal combined with the transformation of the Western moral principles of the last time? Why do the relations between men and women undergo such strange metamorphoses?

Nikita Mikhalkovproposes to talk about what remains behind the scenes of the scandal, and also to reflect on the new global concept, the global trend, many disparate events appear at first glance, if you look at them from a different angle.

Recently, around the world in the center of sex scandals are well-known figures of show business, the film industry, as well as politics. In the US Congress, even decided to conduct training to combat harassment. In connection with the "case of Harvey Weinstein" on the topic of sexual harassment in an interview with Izvestia, Andrei Konchalovsky said. "Leo Tolstoy said:" Young ladies love when they are squeezed, "- recalled the director.