Today: January 16 2019
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Is this the Post?

How surprising sometimes,
For those who fast like.
There will be no meat, but some kind of mother ...
Swears openly with the people.

Will not eat fat,
When he gets angry again.
And again, someone's mother is to blame,
And the time to repent and the time will be fast.

Will not eat, will not drink a lot,
Decide, you can not limit the measure.
But he will not yield to the elder road,
And in angry scream he will not hear faith.

There will be no oil, no milk,
Pull up the belly, weight driving.
But while continuing to think in fornication,
In the street the beauty is catching up.

Will not eat much, will not eat.
And he will think that he is already fasting.
Do not say, you forgive me people
And he will not think that he will be forgiven.

Decide, do not be quick nor a gram.
And will strictly abide by the "diet".
But with the thoughts that someone's mother is to blame,
Wait and pray for the end of the ban.


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