Today: February 19 2019
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And in the air the dust

And there's dust in the air.
Is not this a reality,
Similar to fear,
Is our dust flying?

And the fate of the grain of sand
Carry pictures,
Sins are not forgiven,
Enemies are not avenged.

The breath is culled
To all that is forgotten.
And tears in my eyes,
For all the punishment.

And the air, like a block,
It beats with dust like dust.
And dust, like dust,
For the heart of powerlessness.

And smell of old
In the mind aptly,
The past is hammered,
Somewhere and vulgar.

Now would repent,
In order not to suffer,
Dust off,
To hope.

To lie down comfortably
To the ground is the womb.
Forget about sadness,
But remember the beginning.

What's in the air this?
Questions, answers?
And the dusk sky
Closed where I was not.


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