Today: March 22 2019
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Abortion or murder?

Recently I read an article on abortion and the attitude towards them in the state. But not the article itself caused surprise, but the comments of some women.

I tried to say that abortion is killing a new life, a new person.

But in one of the comments a woman, young enough convinced that abortion is quite an acceptable operation in case of unwanted pregnancy. That during such an operation, the "outgrowth" is cut off, which has no heart, no brain, no nervous system, which means that it is not a thinking person who does not solve anything. Apparently not he decides to live it or not to live. Scion ... She decides to live or die, "outgrowth" is a person or ...

Scion-this word crashed into my mind with some kind of pain.

The discussion was conducted in a social network where an article on abortion was posted and I thought at that moment- God forbid our children read these comments, our reasoning about the right to life of unborn children! Children, whom some consider simply "outgrowths" in a two-month pregnancy.

Reading such comments on the article, I suddenly recalled the words of one general:
"Do not condemn your children to live in this world."
And now I begin to understand it. God forbid that our children should not read all this, God forbid that they did not even know our thoughts. I think that they will become uncomfortable with some of the comments ...
Scions ...


"2 (second) month (5-8 weeks). Development of the fetus

All internal organs of the fetus begin to develop actively during this period. The heart, from single-chamber, gradually transforms into a four-chamber, like an adult, and starts to beat. It performs twice as many strokes per minute as the mother's, but at this stage it is impossible to feel the work of the fetal heart. It can be caught by examining the mother with the help of ultrasound.

Very quickly, the brain develops, as well as the visual, auditory and olfactory nerves. Already there are bulging eyes. Therefore, during this period, the head of the fetus is disproportionately large, its size is one third of the whole body. The nervous system, formed in the first month, continues to improve and gradually forms in the dorsal and brain. The digestive system develops: the stomach, liver, pancreas and intestines.

Begins to form handles and legs. In addition, during this period the embryo has a tail. By the end of the second month, the embryonic stage of development is being completed. The embryo reaches 30 mm in length and begins to resemble a human. The bending of the back becomes smaller, the buttocks develop which make the tail less noticeable.

Well, your future baby, after going for two months a huge path from the cage to the big "bean, length of 1,4-1,8 cm, accomplished a real feat. The first and most crucial period was completed - the formation of new organs and systems of a future child. For doctors, who used to call him "embryo" before, he moved to a different qualitative level. Now experts call a running baby a fruit. And this fruit becomes more and more like a little man. "

And one more reference:

"According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the period of pregnancy to which it is desirable to perform a medical abortion procedure is 63 day (from the first day of the last menstruation), which corresponds obstetric term of 9 weeks (inclusive).

Why did I give these references? Only because a woman who believes and claims that the "process" is not a person. And this man! A person from the moment of conception!

Reading such comments, I think it's good that they did not treat me as an "appendage" in the womb, but as a person! And God forbid my daughter to read such comments and discussions on the topic: to live or not to live.

I agree that there are exceptional cases. For example:


According to the law of the Republic of Cyprus on abortion, a woman can receive the right to abortion only in exceptional cases:

The pregnancy was the result of sexual violence or incest,

the probability of having a child with a serious physical or mental illness is high,

You can not give birth on medical grounds or a pregnancy threatens the life or health of the mother. "

But this commentator has his opinion on this law:
"The fruit of abortion can be aborted, but with mutual consent to sex - it's already sinful?"

Mutual agreement. Probably in this phrase and there is an answer. Mutually decided to give life to a new man. And both are responsible for this.

Each person acts as his moral rules allow him to accept about the good and bad. My opinion that abortion is the murder of a person, apparently goes beyond the morality of some opponents in this discussion of the article.

Women. Mothers giving life to new people.

Here's another comment:
"Every woman must dispose of her own body."

It seems that she came to the beauty salon and decides which lips to make her, which nose to stick and which cheekbones are now fashionable. Or maybe you need to cut a pair of ribs for a slender figure. That's the way she thinks about abortion.

Dispose of his body, but not the body of a man who was born as a result of the love of two people!
People, do not kill each other before you are born!

I am an Orthodox person and therefore I want to add a little to my reflections on what is happening, the words of our elders.

The Athonite Ephraim

"Today, there is a lot of blood pouring on the earth and a lot of innocent blood, this blood is purer than the blood of Abel - it's the blood of the killed babies, it's the blood of innocent babies, defenseless beings that mothers themselves shed!

All the hospitals and all the hospitals became the slaughterhouse of Irodov. Millions and millions of babies all over the world are thrown into a garbage can or sewage system - even kittens are not thrown out so. In one film it is shown how the killer - obstetrician - kills a baby's scalpel in the uterus, and then with a special device crushes the baby's head and pulls it out of the womb. The mother at the same time does not see anything, rises from her chair and quietly leaves home ...

.... watch the movie called "Silent Scream". Here, using an ultrasound, one of the abortions is removed. The sight is terrible ... When the instruments of murder penetrate the uterus, the embryo senses the presence of an alien body and begins to resist, making sharp movements. The heart rate with normal 140 beats per minute increases to 200. At the same time, when the surgical weapon of murder touches the embryo, the unthinkably terrible happens! The embryo opens its mouth in silent cries and dies !!! The obstetrician-gynecologist who carried out the survey (his name is given), who made 1949 10 abortions from 000 to the present time, was beside himself when he saw this terrible sight-he could not imagine anything like this-and decided not only not to continue abortions, but also fight for their prohibition ...

... How terrible abortion, what a great crime! This should be done away with. Innocent beings should not die in such a terrible way just because someone thinks they can not afford to have another child. Do we decide for God? Determine - may or may not grow the children given to us by God? We decide for God, what should He do? ..

... Crime begins to take on the most menacing scales. Women, finally, must realize all of its horror, fight, stop those who, by diabolical action, are going to commit it, because usually they are inclined to him either by ignorance, or under pressure of external forces, or because of internal turmoil. The main accomplice here is the devil, he offers groundless excuses - visible weaknesses: lack of money, illness, husband's demand, and, on the other hand, as it were ignorance - it is the devil who uses all this and successfully persuades mothers for this tragic sin ...

... I do not know if you know that these children, the embryos, do not go into oblivion after the abortion. Every embryo is already a full-fledged person, with a soul. These children continue to live in the Otherworld, and of them a multimillion army already formed in Heaven. And they all cry out to God that they were innocently killed, that they did not receive Holy Baptism and did not become Orthodox Christians. On whom lies the fault for this? You can not say to whom - and so clearly. God has one name for this bloodshed - "crime"! And how can this blood be washed? And what laundered dirt? Water, pure water. So here it is also necessary that water flow continuously from two inexhaustible sources, and two inexhaustible sources are the eyes. Internal repentance should appear outside as an inexhaustible source of tears, and so on until the end of life. "

May the grace of the Holy Spirit overshadow all of us and keep us in Christ! Amen.


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