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Fable is not Krylov, just a thought word ...

Once a cat made friends with a mouse,
Such a baby,
Growth with nails.
And there is not a small sprout too.
But the cat made friends.
All said: - Grow up a little!
Here, eat the grain, eat the cheese,
Accumulate fat!
And gently mewed in my ear,
His own little girlfriend.
And the friendship was so happy mouse,
Stupid baby.
I ran to the cat to play with her,
Yes, and devour.
And the mouse gained weight.
Progress was noticeable
And this friendship, and together more cheerful.
And it became very satisfying to live,
And the friendship began to be.
Time inexorably was approaching
And the mouse in breadth and in growth was added.
To the delight of the cat,
Little by little.
Once the mouse is fat already,
I came to play on the courage.
She ran up to the cat ...
And in horror suddenly trembled ...
As the cat suddenly opened its mouth
And I enjoyed my mouse.



"Man in the eyes of a larger animal looks like ordinary food"
(Leger-Marie Deschamps, philosopher)


A source: CypLIVE

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