Today: March 23 2019
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Conversation with an interesting person

Probably it was for every person in life. When suddenly an interesting interlocutor meets, when the conversation itself is so good that it captures all your thoughts and desires. And time stops. Rather, many hours of conversation do not have time, they are so interesting that it seems that time flew by unnoticed. And you forget about everything that surrounds you, you forget about your desires, about your needs. When you do not want any bread or water. When the conversation itself sates you more than bread and water.

Interesting companion.

Conversation, like spiritual food, is more satisfying than bodily food. And at the end of such a conversation there is still a feeling of continuation of this conversation. When inside you digest, you comprehend every word, every heard phrase. As is sometimes said, the period of aftertaste. And then you realize that you are not bored with conversation, but filled with something new and interesting. When you realize that many hours spent in a conversation are so small and inadequate, that there is a slight feeling of hunger and a desire to continue. Because you understand that there is something more ahead of you.

Interesting companion.

It was in this conversation that I suddenly thought of monks who pray in the multitude of monasteries of our land. I did not think as about people who are deeply religious, but as simply about people, like myself.

Hourly, minute-by-minute, round-the-clock prayers, in which they spend their time, when they do not work. Yes, and they work with prayer. They talk, they talk. Every minute they learn something new and interesting in their prayers. Forgetting about bread and water, forgetting about bodily needs, pray (talk). Their modest life in everyday life and food is more saturated with spiritual food, because they have an interesting interlocutor. The most interesting thing that you can meet in your life. God is the father!

Interesting companion.

And at the end of the narrative, I would like to say thank you to those who met and met in my life and with whom I find it interesting to talk for hours and hours. Thank you for my thoughts.


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