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Pain and sadness ...

Do you sometimes hurt at heart? Does it hurt your heart? It hurts, but you do not understand what it is, where, why? Today.

But because you hit yourself yesterday, doing something that left only pain.

Are you sad and lonely? Today.

This is because yesterday you said so many extra words that there was no one around and even joy. And these words have returned to you. You said it yourself yesterday.

If you hit the wall with all your strength, it will hurt your fist. Just like uttering an unrighteous word, it will later strike you. Doing an unrighteous deed, it will hit you. Yesterday will strike you today.

And if yesterday you wanted to do something good, you wanted to say something good, but decided, okay, I'll do it and say tomorrow, then tomorrow you'll be lonely and empty. You did not want to fill it with something good, but you will understand this only today.

Let yesterday be the day you want to live it today!

Yesterday you will not live, so think today before you do something.


A source: CypLIVE