Today: March 19 2019
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Other people's thoughts

Thoughts bulldozer scraped the soul,
The grinding of the trucks was torn to pieces.
Soot fumes the diesel,
What seemed yesterday was still a passion.

It cuts off, tearing off layers with layers,
The skin from the burning body of consciousness.
With a howling last thoughts concealing,
Like the window curtains of the universe.

With the roar of the uterus, bursting into the wild,
A moan, drowning out the indifference of metal,
Life on splinters, into small parts,
Everything was torn in the shower, swept.

Thoughts gnarled, trying to forget,
The soundness of the judge shuts down with a roar.
If it was in the soul, it does not come true.
If it was, it's gone. Also will not be.

But the soul, suddenly left the body ...
She was tired of war and anxiety.
Thoughts mad have done business,
Everything, so that there is no way back.


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