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We wake up every day to be born again.

My mother told me that when I was born, and this was in the Far North in January, there was a very severe frost and, as always, a very snowy winter. We lived in the taiga, far from the city. Neighbor Tolya's neighbor brought a gift box of oranges and a box of champagne.

My life started with oranges and champagne.

There is a saying about those who have never seen anything in your life-you did not eat anything sweeter than a turnip.

So there was nothing sweeter than my first day of life. But this day I do not remember, and I only know from the words of my mother.


I was three, three and a half years old. One winter I went to the edge of a deep vertical tunnel, crouched down and looked down. And at the very bottom, far away I saw a baby blue sovochka. The tunnel was deep meters 15-17-Th, but below there was a blue scoop on the ice, which I would like to get.

That's how he squatted, looked and thought about him. And suddenly flew down. Very well I still remember this flight, but I do not remember landing. I did not hit, did not feel pain. I just fell, like I stumbled on the road. And then he got up, picked up the sovochka and began to look for a way out of this tunnel, from this very deep well.

Then he shouted to be heard. And they heard me, the voice sounded from under the ground and so they searched for me for a long time, but they found it. I remember my father was let down on the ropes, he tied me up, and they raised me to the surface. Mother grabbed her hands, very painfully pressed her to her and ran with tears in her eyes and carried me to the house.

And I did not understand why grown-ups are so worried, why they are upset and why mom is crying.

There came the neighbor's girl Lidka, older than me for four years and said that this is her scoop. And she took it.

I always remember this flight. I wanted to get this scoop. I fell down and did not break, although there was ice below. I did not even hit, I just fell and immediately got up to take the scoop blue, bright as a cornflower. It seems that at the very last moment someone put his hand and held me from a blow. Then I did not yet know it, but who, apart from the Lord, could stretch out his good hand at such a moment.

My life began with champagne and oranges.

My life began with the first steps to the Lord God.

But I did not know that yet.


I was nine years old. My younger brother is seven. Early in the morning at five o'clock we went up and went to school. I had to go a few kilometers to the first transport, which would take me to the city, then to go to school. In the winter in the Far North, the nights are long, and the days are short. Us always was accompanied by mum and waited, when we will be dissolved in the night, leaving on a taiga. And we always looked back and waited for the moment when it would not be visible and then went to the night in deep snow talking about everything in a row. My brother was afraid of the dark, and I always talked with him to distract him from fears.

We went to school as usual early, but there was a strong blizzard and visibility of two or three meters, no more. We went as usual on the road that had been visited for many years. But gradually moving farther away from home, I began to understand that we were lost. Brother do not say anything, he is already going and noet-let's go home, scary. Something or someone suggested to me that the river bed is somewhere to the left of us. And where the river comes I knew, just in the place where we went before the first transport. We got out on the snow-covered riverbed and went along it, leaving deep tracks behind us.

We came to school that day, but it was canceled due to a strong snowstorm. But we did not know this, the local radio started to work when we were already on the road for an hour.

In the late night, in a strong blizzard, in the night, someone us, the boys led the right way and prompted the direction when it seemed that we were already lost. Who!

Who, except the Lord, could stretch out his good hand at such a moment.

My life began with champagne and oranges.

My life began with the first steps that the Lord God directed.

But I did not know that yet.


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