Today: March 26 2019
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Money likes silence

Having a wallet filled with gold, do you have a soul?

Having a soul, is your wallet full of gold?


It is immodest to talk about poverty,

as immodest, talk about wealth.

There will come a time when it will cease to matter.


If today you have shared wealth with others,

tomorrow you will not regret losing everything!


Someone came up with the money to exchange goods.

Did the inventor know that someday souls will be sold?


The Lord said: "... And you shall eat the grass of the field;

in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread ... "

He did not mention money. Money came up with lazy people who wanted to, but not work.


There is an expression: "I live from salary to salary" ...

What a short and humble life.


A pension is the monetary equivalent of how much you have already been sold for.


Human life is priceless. But 30 srebreniki can sometimes change the whole history of mankind.


In the fairy tale about Pinocchio were five gold, the Country of Fools and a money tree. In life, the fox Alice and Cat Basilio are increasingly encountered.


Someone has been dreaming of becoming rich all his life, and somebody has become rich.

And they met at the end of life, at the last minute of their lives. Already completely equal in welfare, because it does not matter. But someone will be poor soul, filled only with dreams or money, and someone is rich in soul, filled with deeds and deeds.


The idiot's dream: "and the chicken fell a golden egg."


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