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... I think so!


When you are overwhelmed with anger for some reason, when you are angry and curse at a person, find the strength in you for a second and stop. Let the anger continue to rage in your mind, but you will stop for just one second! Overcome this barrier of anger for this second and take just one step! Embrace the one whom you scold and you will feel his warmth and kindness penetrate you. You will feel how his warmth and kindness cools your anger, and how Your anger will begin to subside. Anger will subside, and anger will recede and only the warmth of the person being scolded by you will remain with you. And then you will feel and understand that you have in vain cursed and become angry. And then you will understand that there was no sense in shouting and anger, a man, so he hears you, a person understands you. And then you will understand that the cause of anger was so small and insignificant that it was not worth it to be angry either. Embrace the person and you will understand that the warmth and kindness of his body and soul is the warmth and kindness that are in you.

Do so if you like! Make people love you!

... DO THIS!


A source: CypLIVE

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