Today: January 16 2019
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Back to the beginning

And in the whirlwind of waves, raging with passion,
Trumpeting the whole universe with an inheritance,
Exulting flesh was bursting with happiness,
To share with this world childhood!

Sitting timidly on the threshold of life,
The soul was looking with clean eyes.
I did not know how dreams are capricious,
That the ocean is filled with tears ...

Myself viewing - the reflection of the century,
Where is the choice between the darkness and the light of the measure,
Where between the dust of time and man,
There lies that way that from sins to faith.

And look at yourself in the beginning,
Understand, see what happens at the end.
At the same place, maybe in sadness,
Or maybe that laughs happily ...

On the black steps of the underworld
The light and hope's light shone through childhood.
Perhaps you will be able to become freer,
Not yet having received the sins of clothing ...


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