Today: February 21 2019
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Phrases are not rhinestones

Is it a mirror?

Every person has his own mirror, in which he looks.

And imagine that there would be no mirrors, there would not be something that reflects us ...

We would not know how our face expresses anger or love, sadness or sympathy, sorrow or joy.

If there were no mirrors.

We would look the way God created us.

When creating a person, the Lord did not create a mirror. He created man perfect. And only later, when we saw ourselves in the mirror that we created ourselves, we became a reflection of the world in which we live. We began to withdraw from the original perfection.

We became a reflection in the mirror. We began to decide for ourselves how perfect we are. We have become mirrors for ourselves. We ceased to be the best creature of the Creator, once looking in the mirror ...


Strange questions.

When you were just born, how did you feel?
When today is not tomorrow, how do you feel?

There is such a question among the sages:
What will you do today if tomorrow you die?

I would like to ask:
What will you do tomorrow if you die today?


They say that water is life.

In my head, the words "deceived, bastards" were spinning, when I was drowning ...


I was told to jump with a parachute. They say that an unforgettable experience.

Perhaps this is so. But for me an unforgettable impression of how I'm learning to walk on the ground.



They talk a lot about love, about happiness, about well-being, about family, about grief, about troubles, about poverty ... They say a lot.


Great is the Lord, and I am in the hands of His grain of sand.

Overcoming the mysteries of years with fear,

I'm only one of those who became to sculpt for ashes.


I went to the gate and wanted to enter. The inscription: "Beware, in the courtyard of a wicked dog", stopped me ...

Many doors and wickets were not open to me in this life-in the courtyard the angry dog.


A full-flowing river filled with waste from human activity begins with a clean and transparent spring.

Try to keep this spring of your soul, given from birth, for life. Remember that there are people near you who want to quench your thirst, and not get poisoned.


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