Today: March 26 2019
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And the memory is a short step ...

And only memory does not give us peace,
When nothing disturbs, it does not disturb.
And somewhere there inside, heart beats,
And in the back of our minds, our conscience is eating.

What has been done in life is not forgotten,
And what I wanted to do, it did not happen.
Where to hide tried, do not hide,
And where they hid it, it opened up outside.

And, like Adam lurking under a bush,
Hiding the sin committed before God,
Once we left our father's house,
We will come again with the answer to the threshold.

And the memory reminds us of everything,
And the voice of conscience will grasp the heart with a vice.
And if a drop of penitence is in him,
The father will embrace with love.

Dear long in life we ​​go ...
Go, but in short steps.
So that between them there was no demon with fire,
So that friends will not become enemies.


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