Today: March 23 2019
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And soon Post

And soon the Post.
And someone will say an extreme toast,
And someone will remember about the diet
And he will immediately eat another cutlet.
And many will want to
For forty days only to lose weight.
And someone will suddenly stop smoking,
Bull trying to put out.
But he will not be extinguished suddenly,
Sin filled with leisure.
Mistress will throw someone,
Lovers will close the gate.
And the swear words will cease,
And the rumor is rumored.
Only I assert cautiously.
Sins of body,
Someone interesting,
For forty-nine days
Without them, not so difficult.
And you can fast,
Trying to say goodbye to the fatal.


But this is only about the body ...
In fact,
We need to think about the soul,
That prayer will only give to drink.
Fill your mind,
Long lost meaning,
Repentance and humility,
To which we have no patience.
In memory of the sacrifice of God,
Without this, life is poor.
Forget about anger and anger,
The fact that even bones break,
Oh, about the soul without saying.
Fasting is not in vain,
And for the soul.
In silence
The church that the Lord gave us,
Although it was small,
Among other people.
And he said the truth, but without ideas.
Think of love and forgiveness,
Forget the revenge.
Do not bring to be hit on the cheek,
To show the other hand,
Once again bringing sin back.
Forgive all.


Fasting is not a diet, no restriction ...
Not torture.
Ability to clean the soul
And turn,
Repenting in prayer.
Not returning to the sins of the eternal battle.
Open your eyes, fill with the sound of your ears
And learn to listen
Each other
And the Lord's Father and friend!


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