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And again thoughts from conversations ...

Problems are a by-product of our existence.


Disappointed in the people to whom you originally provided a pedestal, this is quite common for emotional people. You perceive people with emotion better than your heart and mind perceive it ... and therefore put it on a pedestal. As they say - do not make yourself an idol ... I will add - do not have to be disappointed!

Still such moment: you probably are better than the interlocutors on many qualities, knowledge and experience ... But your interlocutor does not MUST be better than you. Take it as it is and again do not give up. Looking for a teacher or mentor, understand that he is also a person and maybe not the best, but as a teacher is good! As in sports - the coach has never been the world champion in the majority, and the students achieve the highest results. And this is the Teacher, not the world champion. You will become a world champion once, and a Teacher for life.


It was never worth and never worth comparing yourself with others! You are a person, you are individual. The second or the second is not! Love yourself and be proud, perfect yourself and be happy only because you yourself are in this world!


Every person is the best creation of God! And God is the greatest artist! Appreciate yourself and love yourself. How perfect.

Those who do not love and appreciate themselves, how the creation of God become non-humans ...


Take care of your body no less than the soul. Because in this case-body, God placed the most precious soul.


I already somehow wrote about stupidity ...

And today suddenly it was thought - and whom we consider to be stupid? Maybe it's just people we can not understand?

Why do we decide that man is stupid? Just because we consider ourselves smart? And is it so?



A source: CypLIVE

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