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And again, fragments of thoughts from conversations with you, my dear ...

Faith in ourselves! But the truth is not in us yet, we are students of time. You go to the Saints and pray to the Saints, then believe them true? So the words they said are true for you? So in the Orthodox books, too, is the truth. Do not you think?


Everyone has his own way! May God do not stumble on this road or turn off on the path laid by the temptation of the other.


While you are blind, go for the sighted, for the Holy Fathers !!! When you catch sight you will go yourself and still lead for yourself ...


What is grief? When you look at each other and see the dead already ...

"With many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God." (Act 14: 22)


Everyone makes his choice: to seek a teacher all his life or himself to be a teacher ...


Those who go to the confessor, when it is already hard and in sorrow, is late! You have to go when it's easy and joyful, when you can share this joy!


A source: CypLIVE

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