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And again, thanks for teaching me how to think !!!

Talk about the past and the future in the present.

Do not compare the past with the present! The present is not worse, it is different, better! Little we are all like angels, but we grow up and forget about it! Do you know why children are more happy? Because they see the God in the mirror of the Angel! Do not rejoice to your body, but to your beautiful soul! And we grow up and we do not see the soul behind the shell of our body ... But it is still beautiful, if you see it.

You see in a mirror in another way. And you look and rejoice at yourself! Look at the creation of God! You see the body, the shell, and you look at the soul, you have it light. And rejoice!

Do not turn back to the past and then the future will not be frightened! Live here and now. Leave the past as a comparison, live today, rejoice in those around you, rejoice that today you eat and do not think about the future! Do you know what the future is? This morning, which will come in a few hours, in the morning! Does not it scare you, but makes you happy? So, live and rejoice!

The future is just the next morning in the present!


And a few more thoughts:

Scoundrels smile more often and sweeter than normal people ...


Do not go after me! My path is the most difficult!


Lonely there are only cats and dogs ... and rascals. People can not be alone!

If anyone who came to my fire to warm up, leaving, it spit-the fire will go out.


A source: CypLIVE